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Will you be the next OHSU lab rat?

Oregon Health and Science University is at it again
Oregon Health and Science University is once again forcing a new "study" onto the unsuspecting public. In January 2007 they began with a hyper saline solution research study. Those members of the public wishing to opt out of study were required to order and wear a "NO STUDY" bracelet for the next 2 years. Now they have introduced yet another experimental project for a cardiac arrest study. The same bracelet for the saline study will be valid for this study as well but again how well has the public been informed. When will this end? When will humans and animals stop being used by OHSU for their own personal gain? Who is willing to get involved and stop this unconsensual research? Want to opt out for this and all future experiments being conducted by OHSU ... call (503) 494-7015 to request a bracelet.

Just Another OHSU Lackey 24.Sep.2007 17:58


Scott, spoken like a true blue OHSU employee.
OHSU does NOT provide excellent care to the public. Remove your head from the hole it's buried in and learn the facts before you speak.

a study within a study 25.Sep.2007 22:01


not a lab rat
thank you for alerting others to this new study. after reading about it in last friday's portland tribune i called the number listed to inquire if a second bracelet was required to again protect me from becoming an unwilling particpant. they informed me its a one opt-out bracelet for all of their studies. they then asked if i would be willing to answer a few prepared questions.i agreed. these questions ranged from my beliefs concerning medical research to personal individual rights to religious preference. am curious if others may have also called and were asked the same set of questions. may be interesting to call the number 503-494-7015 just to give your opinions. looks as though ohsu is now conducting a study within a study. they will involve you one way or the other.

i remember you singing the praises of ohsu in the past. maybe it was in regards to their first study involving accident victims. am wondering what is in this for you and why you are so pro ohsu.

Nothing in this for me 26.Sep.2007 08:21


I've been a medic first aid provider in Corvallis for ten years. I do what I do out of a sincere interest to help others. In doing so, I accept some level of risk to myself. I view my role in helping victims in medical emergencies as contributing to the greater good for my community and for society. Because I have a decent understanding of the circulatory system and the results of blood loss and shock, I think using a hypertonic saline solution for trauma victims makes good sense. Critical organs, including the brain, will fail or be severely damaged if too much blood is lost and blood pressure falls too low. Using hypertonic saline solution on blood loss and head injury victims is based on sound scientific theory. When people are badly injured in an accident, we want to save lives and minimize long-term damage. Heart attack victims need oxygenated blood moving throughout their bodies. Pushing blood with a high level (percent) of oxygen is better than pushing blood with very little oxygen. Using a device that boosts the oxygen level in the blood of heart attack victims is a no-brainer. Everyone in the Emergency Medical Service system has got to wonder: Why on earth would anyone want to opt out of these improvements to treatment? Of course the people at OHSU want to know why, so they ask. They probably figure that it's ONLY those fundamentalist wackos who would not give medicine to their sick dying kid because they think only god can cure their kid (then the kid dies unnecessarily). I can think of no sane or rational reason to "opt out." As for my view on OHSU, I've had only one experience. I went to Dornbecker with my wife and kid due to a rather scary and perplexing medical problem. I found the staff, facilities, and service to be excellent. My confidence, based on my gut feelings, in services from OHSU exceeds my confidence in my local options, wrt complex medical problems. I don't have any facts about OHSU, as related to other (nationwide) similar institutions, that color my view. I don't know if they have above average malpractice claims, or if patient surveys indicate below average satisfaction. I'm about to have a second experience with OHSU on Monday, as my wife has a tumor and we want a second opinion on treatment. If you have had a horrible experience as a patient at OHSU (due to incompetence, of instance), please share your story. I would like to know why any patient would have a negative view of OHSU. Are you one of those religious fundamentalists who only trusts your "God" and refuses all medical care? Do tell.

Beware of OHSU 03.Oct.2007 19:58


I hope it isn't too late to reply to your question concerning incompetent care from OHSU. I am an unfortunate victim of OHSU. My experience with them has expanded decades. I can only speak of my own negative experience I have had with them. I will not go into details as I am an animal activist and do not trust them with information about my personal life, my medical history or my history with them. As far as I know they are not aware I was ever a patient in their facility. They have been guilty of over prescribing high doses of a certain drug over an extended period of time. They are guity of prescribing a drug that I should have never been given due to a previous condition they had treated me for. They prescribed two drugs whose combination had lead to the death of several people in this country. They completely botched a simple procedure which caused me several years of additional complications. They misdiagnosed a condition that led to 2 more years of extreme pain, depression and hardship. They gave me medicine while I was in their hospital which caused a severe adverse reaction. I was treated as a human guinea pig and was never shown respect,compassion or consideration. Why did I continue to use the services at OHSU? I was poor, had no money, no job and had no where else to turn. They were the next best thing to nothing. As any activists will tell you, OHSU does not play fair with their opposition. Activists and simple plain folks who do not agree with OHSU policies have been falsely accused of criminal acts, barred from the property, followed off OHSU property, had their photos and photos of their vehicles taken, been entered into their "undesireable" files, had extensive background checks run on them and in general harassed. So you will understand why myself and others may not feel comfortable with coming forward with what we know about OHSU. I feel very sorry for the situation you and your wife are in but I would highly suggest you to seek a second opinion elsewhere. Just so you know, I am not a religious nut but do go by the motto 'In Dog I Trust.'
Peace to you as well and good luck.