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Brian Baird speaks, say's very little

My interpretation of Rep. Baird's well thought out filibuster in Olympia
Mollie authored an excellent account here on PDX/Seattle Indy of Mr. Baird's trip to Olympia and I think offered some good advise to people of Mr. Bairds persuasion. Wait for it, here comes the but...
But, I am no longer able to offer people of Baird's persuasion a benefit of my doubt, or even a friendly bit of advise. He/they do not want our input nor do they care....it's as simple as that. Many people who questioned Baird made excellent points, one person in particular made the best comment of the night. It was uncomfortable to some, but on point. He stated that Baird does not have any blood on his hands or brains in his lap. Viet Nam Veteran Mike Hastie gave graphic detail of what war is like, the atrocities that occur. And he's right. Baird and most politicians have no experience in killing humans, up close, in person. They kill people from soft leather chairs in DC with their votes. They kill by doing their best to bring jobs back to their districts...and contracts to those corporations that make fantastic profits from war.
We can read of Baird's good deeds and desire to help people, here  http://www.house.gov/baird/bio/about.shtml
As a veteran and member of Veterans for Peace I submit that it's time for Baird to come back home, go back to working with vet's at the VA. All of your hard work in DC is helping create quite an increased work load for the VA. Nice job Brian.

Photos/essay from Olympia  http://ptmccleese.smugmug.com/gallery/3520710

Video 25.Sep.2007 11:44


Here is the video of Michael's statement.

More video of the Baird town hall meeting is posted.