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Mock Town Hall at Sen Smiths Office - VIDEO - Four Peacmakers Arrested


Sep 19 2007 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm "NO FUNDS FOR WAR" rally and mock town hall
Video was taken in front of Senator Smith's office at 121 SW Salmon St. Portland Or.
Four Peacemakers Arrested at Mock Town Hall

The PDX Peace Coalition rallied outside Senator Smith's office with thousands of postcards from Oregonians calling for congress to stop funding the war. Using a "cardboard cutout" that was a replica of Smith, who didn't attend the "mock town hall meeting" (And strangely enough the cardboard cutout was about as good as the Senator {himself is} and his lack of interest that he provides to the community)

 http://pdxpeace.org/ last month had organized "Withdrawal Wednesdays" to put pressure on our "elected officials" to quit funding this war for oil and occupation.
Not on more dime, should go to this corrupt war machine! Not one single penny more!

Congress has the power to stop the war in Iraq but they are not doing it.
Congress will vote yes or no within the next two months on funding the war for another year. Now is the time to tell them "No more dollars and no more deaths!"
The rally at the Portland World Trade Center (Home of Senator Smiths Office) which is located on the 11 or 12th floor and is on... .. (get this) "PRIVATE PROPERTY"

That's right our elected official office is on Private Property!
And that fact is They are arresting citizens there, OVER n OVER n Over and over.
Security is stopping citizens from visiting his office to register their COMPLAINTS with this war and the killing we are still funding with our tax dollars. The people of Oregon can not even get to their Senators Office without being pre-approved. The Portland Police will make sure you don't get by the security at the door

Four people tried that afternoon to visit their Senator and there were a dozen Portland Police on hand to take them CRIMINALS to jail. They were cuffed, fingerprinted, and booked into the system - they were Peacemakers behind bars
I got it all on this video.
You can see more of my videos of even - More Citizens Getting Arrested at Smiths Office over this past year, by going to my website www.joe-anybody.com and clicking on my "VIDEO" link.

Members of Oregon's Congressional Delegation have been asked to sign the Oregon Declaration of Peace in which they pledge to vote NO on any appropriations bill that would continue U.S. military operations in Iraq. None of them have as yet agreed to sign the pledge. Senator Smith has not yet replied to our request to sign the pledge to stop funding the war.

Watch This video then start dialing these numbers (Tell the office No Funds for War and to bring the Troops Home Now)

I called and left a voicemail message - Please make an effort and call Senator Smith tell him to "Defund This War"

Senator Smith's contact info:

Portland: Phone 503.326.3386 Fax 503.326.2900

Pendleton: Phone 541.278.1129 Fax 541.278.4109

Eugene: Phone 541.465.6750 Fax 541.465.6808

Medford: Phone 541.608.9102 Fax 541.608.9104

Bend: Phone 541.318.1298 Fax 541.318.1396

DC: Phone 202.224.3753 Fax 202.228.3997

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

Thank you, nonviolent arrestees 21.Sep.2007 17:58

Mama Cass

Wow! The nation thanks you fine folks for being arrested. Thank you for stopping the war!!! Huh? It's still going? WTF?!

cLARIFICATION 21.Sep.2007 21:34


We arestees were not behind bars. Two of us fiddled around waiting to be processed, and then were released about 6:30 pm. The other two had already been processed from earlier arrests, and they were released much ealier.

Incidentally, nobody told me that ALL your possessions would not go with you. I had to retrieve my backpack at the warehouse up on 17th Avenue today. What an adventure!