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0921 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Friday, September 21st, 2007.
0921 am 'Get This' news
0921 am 'Get This' news
09/21/07 Get This
sui generis

1. 1. Nafkas On The March: Arthur Stamolis of the Oregon Fair Trade Campaign talked to KBOO about the latest Free Market "surge." This time, the Milton Friedman Marching Band and Ponzi Society is setting off to conquer environmental protections, the labor movement and indigenous rights in Peru. NAFTA is out to make the world safe for free market capitalism. Stamolis isn't having any of it and neither should you.
2. Freightliner is outsourcing white collar jobs to the Far Eastern, Third World country: North Carolina.
3. Just because you don't have mortgage payments, it's too soon to Begin the Sanguine... The collapse of the sub-prime house of cards is going to get you, maybe not today, but...
4. Buy Me A River: Heading For The Hills: While the world lurches toward the end of life as we know it, Oregon is celebrating its laudable but late efforts to protect wilderness areas. Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith are getting a lot of mileage out of this, but let's ask them why they signed off on siting LNG terminals along our rivers and coasts. The Oregon Economic Development Commission has sold the State for a hill of beans...
5. While you were not looking, the Army Corps of Engineers were out on Marine Drive cutting down, oh, say, around 650 trees - not just any old trees, though. according to Army Corps "scientists" these were "dangerous" trees. (I'd very much like to have a word with these "scientists"... )
6. Missed in the Mists: About 200 people attended a federal hearing on a proposed 117-mile natural gas pipeline that Oregon LNG wants to build from Astoria to Mollala. Most of those people are farmers. Pretty much all of them are mad. The Federal Energy Regulatory commission staff are here to sell the idea that using rural Oregon land as a sort of 'Energy Superhighway' is "good for Oregon." Apparently Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith were lost in the mists of the combination Mt. Hood wilderness area and campaign stunt... .(Why not call Ron and ask him what's so great about liquefied natural gas anyway? 503-326-7525. See you back at base camp!)
7. Roll Up!: In Jena, Louisiana yesterday, the buses, hundreds of them, arrived and around thirty thousand black-clad civil rights activists hit the ground marching. all the way from Freedom Summer's dusty roads to the concrete citadel of Justice 2007. Have things changed for young black men in this country? Why, yes, things have... They have gotten much worse...
8. The Plot Thickens: The military cemetery at the Fort Riley, Kansas Army base has run out of space. With no trace of irony whatsoever, Alison Kohler, spokeswoman for the post, said Fort Riley can bury bodies on top of other soldiers if family members want to share a plot. (They'll have to make sure the plant a male soldier with a female one otherwise the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy would mandate only one headstone... )
9. Democrats tried again yesterday to pass an anti-war proposal... But damn! Those Republicans love the taste of blood... as long as it isn't theirs. They're going to try again with predictable results. Know why they're predictable? Because AIPAC is the only reason any of them will ever hold office again.
10. The incident at Florida State involving a curious student and a silent John Kerry notwithstanding, police around the nation continue to employ Tasers with the same stunning results. (I say, let's drug test these cops every time their discharge a weapon. We wouldn't want cloudy judgment to enter the public safety equation, would we?)
11. The Good Old Days: Used to be a fellow could get his name on the Forbes magazine America's Most Wealthy list just by having (I didn't say "making." I said "having". Remember that... ) a billion dollars. Well this year the bar is higher - $300 million dollars higher, to be exact. Time to start thinking value-added... How about oil 'exploration', military contracting and blowjobs? Catchy idea, no?
12. The Loony Is On The Wing: Canada's conservative government under Stephen Harper has mysteriously and overnight, too, it seems, gutted Our Neighbor To The North's environmental programs. From 'Environment Canada' to 'Environment Can'tada'.
13. Here's one for the books: Russian military intelligence analysts say that the "meteorite" that fell on Peru and made local people suspiciously sick? Turns out it was a US spy satellite known as a KH-13 which was supposed to be spying on Iran instead of falling on Peru. And why the mysterious illnesses? Because the KH-13 satellite is powered by the radioactive isotope PU-238 which caused the radiation poisoning in the area.
14. Human Rights Watch recommends sanctions on Sudan... . But until industrialized nations get all the oil out, the conflict will continue - it provides good cover... .
15. A Palestinian teenager was peppered with tank shrapnel and then (I suppose in an effort to tidy the mess up.) the Israeli Defense Forces fired up one of their many caterpillar tractors - Thanks, AIPAC! - and crushed the boy.
16. Arab and other Muslim nations have passed a United Nations atomic watchdog resolution targeting Israel's not-so-secret nuclear arsenal. The vote was 53 to 2 ... But 47 Western and developing nations fell a chill wind, tucked sack, and abstained.
17. "You Say That Like It's A Good Thing": Israeli opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu confirmed that, yes, Israeli fighter planes bombed Syria "But so what?"
18. An Iranian commercial traveler was arrested - in the Kurdish town Sulamaniya, in Northern Iraq - as a member of the elite Revolutionary Guards aka the Quds force. He is charged with "transporting improvised explosive devices." Now if he had bombed Syria or Peru, that would have been Okay?
19. Gone In Sixty Seconds: The Iraq war costs you $234 thousand dollars every minute. That's $4 million dollars in the 18 minutes it took George Bush to explain to his country why is illegal misbegotten war will last well beyond his presidency. The war is costing $333 million dollars a day, $14 million an hour.