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The Weird Russian Mind-Control Research Behind a DHS Contract

Soviet-era mind-control being employed in the Endless War of Terror?? As if our home-brewed tactics aren't bad enough!
In a frightening, synchronistic answer to Slim at Democracy for Vancouver's earlier post, comes this shocking tale of Soviet era mind-control in the Endless War of Terror?,
This DOES sound like it comes from the Jeff Rinse end of the political spectrum, but it's from the relatively mainstream news source Wired.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has gone to many strange places in its search for ways to identify terrorists before they attack, but perhaps none stranger than this lab on the outskirts of Russia's capital. The institute has for years served as the center of an obscure field of human behavior study -- dubbed psychoecology -- that traces it roots back to Soviet-era mind control research.

SSRM Tek is presented to a subject as an innocent computer game that flashes subliminal images across the screen -- like pictures of Osama bin Laden or the World Trade Center. The "player" -- a traveler at an airport screening line, for example -- presses a button in response to the images, without consciously registering what he or she is looking at. The terrorist's response to the scrambled image involuntarily differs from the innocent person's, according to the theory.

"If it's a clean result, the passengers are allowed through," said Rusalkina, during a reporter's visit last year. "If there's something there, that person will need to go through extra checks."

Read whole story.

We're all in the penal colony now.

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maybe they could hire a professional astrologer 21.Sep.2007 09:18

me again

draw up the charts of all the passengers and use that criteria to screen the terrorists out. sounds every bit as "scientific" as this subliminal pictures nonsense to me.

all in all, it sounds like a good crutch to exclude random people for any reason (or no good reason) at all. claim they failed a "test," refuse to let 'em board. and how can they know what was shown? for all they're aware, it's a dummy "test" with the same image (or no image at all!) over and over again.


ask a 9/11 truther 22.Sep.2007 02:31

jail bush

i don't know why they go to such lengths. all they have to do is ask a 9/11 "truther" who and where the terrorists are. c'mon !!