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Free the Jena 6 Vigil Tonight

A vigil will be held tonight at Bethel AME Church in honor of the National Day of Action today to free the 6 black students awaiting trial in Louisiana known as the Jena 6. For the full story on this case visit www.colorofchange.org/jena.
Hey friends,

I hope you can come to this event to raise awareness and show solidarity with the Jena 6 and their families. If you haven't signed the petition, you can do it here: www.colorofchange.org/jena

Jena 6 Day of Action Events
A Candle in the Dark Vigil (Portland, OR)
Six student and civic leaders will address the audience with six minute exhortations to shed light on the major events that has led to what is now known as "Jena 6"; Following the short meet up, the group will walk in silence up Martin Luther King between Ainsworth and Killingsworth streets (back to the church). All attendees are asked to wear all black, bring a candle or a tiki torch, and donate to the Free Jena 6 defense fund.

September 20, 2007
From: 07:00 PM until 08:30 PM
Bethel AME Church 5828 NE Eighth Avenue
The church is located off Martin Luther King Boulevard. Turn east on Jarrett Street and proceed to 8th Avenue.

homepage: homepage: http://www.colorofchange.org/jena

2 new arrests outside of Jena (noose on bumper of truck) 21.Sep.2007 13:11

Joe Anybody

two white kids just arrested for making a noose and hanging it from their truck
driver was arrested for a DUI I think
unloaded rifle and brass knuckles in truck
passenger told police they were affiliated with the KKK

CNN news has more

Authorities in Alexandria, less than 40 miles southwest of Jena, arrested two people who were driving a red pickup Thursday night with two nooses hanging off the back, repeatedly passing groups of demonstrators who were waiting for buses back to their home states.
(end quote)