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Join Pope John Paul II (deceased) Tony Blair, $ S Sarandon: Ask mercy for Ken Richey

Governor Strickland is a former pastor. Please remind him that Jesus (John 8:7) stopped an execution in progress. Ask him to release Ken Richey and to end state murder in Ohio. Ken Richey has been in jail for 20 years,
accused many say falsely, of arson which resulted in
the accidental death of a child. Whether or not the fire was arson is
in question. The child had in Washington Grove Ohio
caused 2 match fires which had resulted in calls to the
fire department.
Please join Pope John Paul II (deceased) Tony Blair, and Susan Sarandon: Ask mercy for Ken
by Ken Richey Support Coalition Thursday, Sep. 20, 2007 at 2:13 PM

Governor Strickland is a former pastor. Please remind him that Jesus (John 8:7) stopped an execution in progress. Ask him to release Ken Richey and to end state murder in Ohio/

Tony Blair, Susan Sarandon, Pope John Paul 2nd before his death all asked for cancellation of the death penalty for Ken Richey, a man who has been in jail 20 years, convicted
in the accidental death of a 2 year old girl in reputed arson.
He has had 13 execution dates come and go. Once his
execution date was a day away.

2 of the 3 who testified against Richey have since recanted.

Originally prosecutor Randall Basinger asked the death penalty
while Kenny Richey had only an overworked public defender, William Kluge, who had handled only 3 or 4 death penalty cases and who has worked since to free Richey.

Kenny's current attorney is Boston probono lawyer Ken Parsigian, who said
it was a mistake for Kluge to ask for a 3 judge panel, since only 1 of 12 must say someone is not guilty, an easier task
than judges.

There were no accelerants found on Richey's clothing, nor
was there any source for the accelerants.

Parsigian said there was no arson. The Ohio crime lab 20 years ago, said Parsigian, was the equivalent of voodoo, with no crime evidence. Flashover fires can start accidentally and have
the same pour patterns as arson, can be rapidly burning fires.

The fan was originally thought to be a cause.
There was a marijuana pipe in the apartment.
The little girl had started 2 fires the fire department in Ohio had
had to put out, 1 in a bed, 1 in a sofa.

The prosecution's 3 witnesses had all been drinking heavily.

In January 2005 the case was reversed by the 6th Circuit. They also turned down a bid for rehearing from the Attorney Generals office. In late may the clock started ticking, Ohio had 90 days to set up a retrial, else Kenny would be free... Petro, unwilling to accept the retrial, appealed to the US Supreme Court. Most of us, the absolute majority, felt it truly unlikely they would even hear the appeal. While waiting the clock stopped ticking, and yet another delay was introduced in this case of two decades.
Unpleasant surprise from the USSC

Surprisingly the US Supreme Court not only accepted to hear the appeal but threw out the 6th Circuit decision. They did so mainly because of the transferral of intent part, but sent back the other half of the decision for further review by the 6th Circuit. Basically the part of ineffective counsel, was remanded back to the 6th - the question being whether the State had waived complaints that new evidence were taken into consideration. See the Supreme Court Opinion
The future

The case is still very much alive. Parsigian, Kenny's attorney have vowed to fight on, and very likely the next stop is the 6th Circuit court of appeals - yet again. It is early to make any definite predictions, but at least this is the court that took a fresh look on the case in the first place. Here is the new appeal to the 6th Circuit, and again on the 17th July 2006 Kenny's attorneys filed with the 6th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals - taking apart the States attempts to widen the scope of the remand.


There is no physical evidence linking Richey to the arson
whcih caused the death of a 2 year old. There is no evidence that any arson
occurred, since flashover fires leave the same patterns.

Canadian, Mexican and German nationals denied their
right to contact their own consulates were state murdered by
Texas Republican appointed officals during the Bush governorship.

God open the prison doors and release all in the world whom
You know to deserve freedom.

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