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Beyond War: Expanding the Voices of Peace

Public Forum to dicuss how immigrant and refugees can be included in the current peace movement of Portland.

For Immediate Release

Center for Intercultural Organizing
Media Contact: Kayse Jama
More Information: (503) 287-4117

Public Forum: Beyond War, Expanding the Voices of Peace
Presentation and Discussion with Immigrant/Refugees and activists Panelists

Thursday, October 4th, 2007 @ 7:00 PM
Smith Memorial Union | Multicultural Center, Rm. 228
(SW Broadway and Montgomery)
Portland State University

The current cycle of war and militarism is rooted in a range of historical as well as current political, economic, social and cultural injustices. These inequities marginalize people of color and poor people around the world, while safeguarding wealth that is accumulated through oppression, racism and environmental destruction. In order to stop this war machine, we need to strategize beyond ending the cycle of wars and spearhead a grassroots peace-building movement in the United States. The Center for Intercultural Organizing is launching a three-year project that focuses on expanding the peace movement to include immigrants and refugees, strengthening alliances between peace and justice activists in Oregon, to hear from the voices of peace and learn how you can get involved in building a well-coordinated, inclusive, multicultural peace and justice movement in Oregon.


Zahra Hamid Sultan, is a social worker from Baghdad, who is now living in Jordan along with hundreds of thousands of other Iraqis who found life in Iraq unbearable. Sultan is visiting the United States to educate Americans about the plight of her people. She has worked with BBC TV, Human Rights Watch and numerous independent journalists and NGO's.

Kilong Ung, came to the United States as a Cambodian refugee and survivor of the Khmer Rouge regime. He holds a Masters Degree in Applied Statistics and is a senior software engineer for a leading online banking software company. Mr. Ung is currently the president of the Cambodian-American Community of Oregon and an adjunct instructor at Portland State University.

Waddah Sofan, is a Palestinian immigrant, who works with the Muslim Education Trust. He also teaches handicapped children. While in the West Bank, he co-founded an organization to support Palestinian refugees with social services, training and educational opportunities.