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Any plans for Solidarity Rally with Jena 6?

just wondering if anything is happening in PDX today to show solidarity with the Jena 6.
There are 30-50 thousand people marching in Jena LA. right now!

Jena 6 Solidarity Discussion at LHorse, 6pm Sat, 9-22-07 20.Sep.2007 13:57

Lew Church, PSU Progressive Student Union lewchurch@gmail.com

Before the first fall film (Lumumba) in the series on African and Irish resistance to British imperialism to be shown Sat night, at 7pm, at Laughing Horse, Sept 22, 12 NE 20th (off Burnside, by Doug Fir, on TriMet #12, 19, 20) -- there will be a solidarity discussion re the Jena 6, at 6 p.m.

According to the RCP paper, no white students or KKK members have been charged with any crimes so far, in Jena, despite the three nooses being set in the tree 'reserved' for white students at Jena High, which black Jena High students 'violated' by sitting under that tree, a year ago. According to mass media, the Anglo sheriff in Jena yesterday announced he has no plans to initiate any charges against white students or others in the matter, and that prosecution of the Jena 6 is simply a 'criminal' matter, per se. Progressive Student Union will have an open discussion on possible local solidarity actions to organize for the Jena 6, and other anti-racist organizing, both locally, and globally (Colomiba/Darfur/Iraq?).

PSU Progressive Student Union, PO Box 40011, Portland, OR 97240