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"When they look in the oval office, who will they see?"

So this morning, the asshole C student had a good laugh, informing the idiots stupid enough to believe that they were in a "news" conference:
He giggled, and informed the "reporters" assembled there, that "Like I always tell Condi, who was an A student, with a PHD, ""look which one is President."" Yeah, which one's daddy and rich relatives bought the voting machines. Which one has taken a budget surplus, and turned it into the largest deficit EVER? Which one took us into an illegal and ill conceived war, with no plan for exit? Which one has taken our country deeper into the dark side than even Richard Nixon?
Yes, mr Resident. It was you, asshole!

When they look in the oval office, who will they see?" 20.Sep.2007 09:14

the confused philospher

Don't you really mean "When they look in the offal office, who will they see?"

Right on! 20.Sep.2007 09:34

Fookn E Jit.