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Nukes on a plane

A B-52 bomber carried nuclear warheads
On August 30th a B-52 bomber flew from an airforce base in North Dakota to one in Louisiana carrying five nuclear warheads. The military prohibits transporting
warheads in this manner and claims it happened by accident. We will propably never know what really happened but there are compelling reasons to doubt
the official explanation.

You can watch a video on the incident  http://www.collateral.blip.tv/
or on  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwXWcub1CHg

Friends inside 20.Sep.2007 11:28

Jim Morrison

The incident was leaked by someone in the military.

They are already silencing witnesses 20.Sep.2007 12:44


Your story was previously addressed, but I guess NUCLEAR BOMBS aren't as scary or worthy of media attention as they were when the Russians were the boogyman du jour.


This link says 20.Sep.2007 14:39

Jody Paulson

4-6 young airmen from Minot AFB have died, separately, under mysterious circumstances while on leave, since July 1st, 2007.  http://houston911truth.org/category/todd-blue/

It also talks about Rep. Gillmor, also mentioned here:  http://www.opednews.com/articles/opedne_carol_wo_070911_9_11_2007__what_s_go.htm

I'm leary of scaring people because there's been a lot of false alarms about "another 9-11" these days, but I'm pretty concerned about the report that someone's betting billions of dollars that the economy is going to tank by tomorrow. Does anyone have any solid evidence (in the form of a link) about this?