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To experience this world
You have acquired a body
Through this body
You can experience the
Essential nature of this
Illusion called physicality

Ah! Life in duality

Female (not male)
Male (not female)

Do you require more examples?


The real question

Can you be comfortable (doubtful!)
Can you keep in your skin (barely!)

When you realize that
To become the whole
You must become the merge
Allow yourself to become
The union of extremes

How extreme can you be?

Will you even dare?
To touch this line

Or will you jump in
And blown the line away

The not you
And you

What will you feel when
You let all the opposing forces
Do the holy rock and roll
Down deep in your soul

Just like a big 'ol car battery
The sparks fly and the juice flows

When the universal "plus"
And the great cosmic "minus"
Merge inside you

Can 'ya dig it?