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A (mock) town-hall meeting and Gordon doesn't show - so a cardboard cutout was used in his place. Meanwhile four citizens attempt to go up to Senators Smiths office to urge NO MORE MONEY FOR WAR..... but were stopped and arrested by the building Security
A video will be posted here hopefully around 24 hours from now.
A mock town-hall
A dozen cops
1/2 dozen building security
And 50 concerned citizens, who want the war to end

There were some short speech's by the Defund The War and PDX peace groups and other concerned citizens, All of them basically called on the Senator to stop funding the war and to stand by his own words that he said last year ..... "that this war is criminal"
Well not much from cardboard Smith, but the same old blank stare.
He (the Office) did send down a Representative to take some pledges about defunding the war, he took the "stack" but made no comment, same as his "boss"

While speeches and rally songs were going on outside on the Trade Center plaza .... four people walked toward the doors to go up to the 12 floor office (11th floor?)
Of course in real anti-American fashion (fascism) the "BUILDING SECURITY" stopped them and refused to let them enter.
Trespassing they said ..... God they must hate peacemakers?!

The police (which were ever so ready to catch some "CRIMINALS" were Right There With Cuffs and orders"
"Move back from the doors or you will be arrested"
They look at the "non-corporate press" (me & others) and tell us to move back to the steps
(50 feet back there is three steps) ... so we all move "away from the criminal"

Then they tell us to "get off the steps".....
Whoop! they come back and say back even more (there was 10 feet and then another step) (silly me I didn't see that other step...... we keep moving back
Cops are in action..... they all have their jobs, some are cuffing, some are searching the arrested criminals, some are telling us sternly "move back"
The cops were hot on it .....moving the non-corporate press & concerned citizens back even further

Meanwhile other patrons and guests to the building came and went freely around the crime scene
It was only the damn peace people who were being stopped cold
The cuffs were out and and the CRIMINALS were shackled
2 men and 2 women
Get this ..... one lady was a minister (preacher)

Do you know how it feels to watch this shit go down?
To watch people who want peace and the war to stop be "shackled and taken to a jail cell"?

It fucken SUCKS
It makes me hate my country
This is not Law n Order...... this is freedom being stolen for WAR mongers to play their killing games
The police are serving the Warmongers.......

Ya, while America sat around and ate their fucking lunches today (resting from their morning workload)
These peacemakers stood up and demanded PEACE......they were taken to jail for it

As you chewed your sandwich ..... cold steel trapped their arms together
As you sipped your fucking drinks ....four citizens walked like a branded/captured criminal to their cells at the justice center (oxymoron)
As you sat on your ass ..... so did Senator Smith ....hey do you see the similarity here?
While most of Portland enjoyed the little bit of sunshine at noon...... these four were shuffled to rooms where this is no "natural light" ...... they are finger printed and labeled A CRIMINAL

I am appalled that people are arrested for wanting to talk to their Senator
I am appalled that my Representative does not give a rats ass if millions are dead from this war
Who cars ...... ?....... chew on that celery stick..... so what 4 in jail ...... not my problem!
It wont even be in the news......

Oh what a beautiful country
..... I better go now I don't want to ruin anybodys desert

I drove off and called my Senators office 1 202 224 3753
The man who answered directed me to voice mail
I told the Senator I was ashamed
I told him my name
I told him it was a travesty to block citizens from speaking to him
I told him this war is horrible and wrong and SHOULD NOT BE FUNDED
I told him I wanted him to represent the peoples wishes
I told him to restore Habeas Corpus
The voice mail beeped .......my time was up ......my 60 sec with my "representative was "over"

My stomach is in knots
I feel sick
I want to cry
I wonder how cold those cuffs are?
I wonder if they will someday just kill the peacemakers,
I wonder why this fucken town was all to busy having lunch ..... and only 50 people cared!

Good Luck ...... I feel like I can smell dead bodies
Blood is every where

I wonder what is for dinner

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

corporate media 19.Sep.2007 16:52

corporate media

corporate media was also pushed back sown the steps with everyone else.
channel 6 at 6 pm.

Sickening 19.Sep.2007 17:12

Den Mark, Vancouver

The cowardice of the cops & the politicians is sickening. There is, as they say, a special place in hell for those worms.

Yep ...6 was there 19.Sep.2007 18:41

joe anybody

I confirm the corporate news was there.... just seen the news at 6pm
So thats who was filming next to me with the big camera!

Camera-person was very adamant in "getting the shots"
Cops were blunt with the "keep moving back" ....but this camera-person was determined and stood firm and usually had to be told a couple times to move, .....
One cop said something like "You don't listen to well" to the camera-person

No corporate logo

No video clip on their (CH 6) website (yet 6:30pm)

KEX 1190 was there too (seen them doing a audio recording)

So thats who was filming next to me with the big camera! 19.Sep.2007 21:14


That was KOIN. I've known her for over 20 years and she is OK. Actually the cops cannot make a person stop shooting video, especially corporate news. Its case law. I'll try and find it.

Thanx 19.Sep.2007 22:37


Everybody, thanx for expressing your outrage. I was one of the "criminal" peace persons arrested. I do NOT think I was trespassing. Just wanted to go up to Smith's office. Other people were allowed inside the building, but not us. I am so disgusted with our country and its political "representatives." Out of Iraq Now, not one more thin dime for it.

cool! 20.Sep.2007 00:43

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

That would be nice to look over (and understand)
I appreciate your offer & comment

I liked her (cameraperson) tenacity ....
I really liked her "get the story not-mess-around-attitude"
To bad only 30 corporate seconds sees the light of day
But better than nothing


Thanks 21.Sep.2007 08:57

Troy Horton troyhorton@centurytel.net

Hi Joe (Mike),

I wanted to thank you for all that you do! You seem to be at all of the peace events. You presence helps validate what we do.

I was one of the people arrested yesterday and you presence makes each of us feel that what we are doing is valid and important. The added feeling of safety that you bring is immense. I have no doubt that when police and security know they are being filmed, they give us their best behavior.

I feel your pain and frustration. All we can do is to do the best that we each can. You are one of the people in the world that is doing that. You are making a difference and I want you to know that many others also know that.

Thanks again,


Video of this NO FUNDS FOR WAR rally 21.Sep.2007 17:56

Joe Anybody

Thanks Troy

People are making scrafices - you are one of them - I appreciate you giving up your "freedom" to help stop this maddness

Here is the video link which is hosted on Google


Peace - Joe Anybody