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Student asks questions--Arrested and Tasered--Lone Vet Report

What was 06 about?
Student Asks Questions--Arrested and Tasered

There are a few questions I have about this incident but first take a look at our democracy in action:


Where was Sen. Kerry?

Why did he not stop this madness?

Where was his staff?

Why were the other students applauding during this outrage?

This would be an isolated incident except it happened here in Portland---not as bad but could have escalated to the same result.

When Pelosi came to town on the 12th of September to meet with Rep. Blumenauer and hold some kind of forum on global warming, (by invitation only) five of us wanted to be part of the press conference and ask her why she took impeachment off the table. No less than 8 security guards and part of Blumenauer's staff formed a human chain and refused to let us pass. In case of any trouble there were more Portland PD at the top of the escalators. We had to make a choice, push our way in or say the hell with it, we will decide when and how we would get arrested. I felt like they were hoping we would push past them and arrest us for assault and face, as this student, five years in the big house. These are our liberal democrats doing this shit, not some punk republican!

Let's ask the congressman what he thinks of stopping people from asking tough questions---is he going to arrest us, taser us or just beat us over the head with a club?

What the hell was the 06 election all about?

See ya on Thursdays outside the good congressmen's office
At 729 Oregon St. at high noon

For Justice and Peace

Joe Walsh---Lone Vet
Portland, OR.

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Nah, our cops are better trained 19.Sep.2007 07:59

Noton Yrlife

Hell, our guys probably would have shot him, or at least, Sgt Nice would've planted his three hundred pound knee in the sucker's chest.

Here is a reporter asking Bush the wrong question 21.Sep.2007 06:45