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Phantoms in the mist

Phantoms in the mist

I have met
And shared countless meals with
Spent long hours in
Enraptured conversation
With the most powerful being

I have looked deep into
Those magnificent eyes
That sees only love and forgiveness
The face of unending gentle kindness
That never turns away from me

Truly it is from
The heart center that flows
A force so powerful that it
Rocks to the deepest foundations
This entire multi-verse

Love is the only force
Of all that is

You are

This being of infinite power
You are

The most powerful force
That rocks this 'verse
You are

The love that is all that is;
and, so am I

This is the only real power
It lives at the core of all
If flows freely and unrestrained
From you to me, and back again

All that appears powerful
Outside of this
Is illusory
Phantoms in the mist