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Love, Imagine, Network and Kindness (LINK) Symposium. No One Turned Away.

LINK 2007 is a permaculture, peak oil, healthcare
design and multicultural community symposium, a
conference, that offers experienced instructors
and workshops from all over the world.  http://www.blueskylink.org
LINK 2007 is a permaculture, peak oil, healthcare
design and multicultural community symposium, a
conference, that offers experienced instructors
and workshops from all over the world and also
offers participants hands-on instruction in an
enjoyable learning environment.

No One Will Be Turned Away For Lack of Funds.
This means, if you don't desire to pay an
admission fee (for any reason), this event is
free for you. We just encourage you to join us at
this event! :)

LINK strives to create a multicultural, community
inclusive event and welcome everyone.

LINK runs from September 20-24 and October 4th-7.

To print out the PDF schedule for the September
2007 Symposium please visit our website.

To print out the document version of the schedule
for the September 2007 Symposium please visit our

We look forward to seeing you!

For the benefits of those who are using slower
computers and/or have trouble downloading pdf or
documents, we have included a few of the many
workshops of the LINK Symposium schedule below.

Love, Solidarity,

-LINK Symposium -  http://www.blueskylink.org

Alternate LINK Symposium Activities for September
21, 22 and 23rd, 2007.

LINK is part of the Film festival network.

Between 10am-4pm, as an alternate option to LINK
workshops, all pre-registered LINK Symposium
participants will each receive a key to SURGE
film festival library giving them the option of
watching any one of over 50 new and original ,
non-corporate, independent films submitted to the
SURGE 2007 Film Festival! SURGE is The Third
Annual, International, Social Uprising,
Resistance and Grassroots Encouragement
(S.U.R.G.E.) Film Festival, Conference and Film
Festival Network which took place in May 2007.
Several of the films were world premiers!

To see the complete selection of SURGE films that
you have to choose from please visit:

You will find the 20 page SURGE film festival
booklet available as a PDF, document or html

September 20th, 2007, 10am-4pm

We look forward to seeing you on the first day of
the 2007 LINK Symposium! The first day of the
conference, including breakfast and lunch will be
held at the Millersylvania State Park
Environmental Learning Center (ELC). The
conference will transport pre-registered
conference attendants from the ELC to their
conference housing directly after dinner. The ELC
includes a dining hall/ kitchen, restrooms/
showers, one amphitheater, one private swim area,
eight canoes, two rowboats, three ball fields,
plus a volleyball and a horseshoe court. The 2007
LINK Symposium Indigenous "Welcome" Ceremony,
introductory presentations and initial workshops
will be taught here and there will be free time
to enjoy the hiking trails and canoes, rowboats,
ball fields, and the volleyball and a horseshoe
court. Millersylvania State Park is an 842-acre
camping park with 3,300 feet of freshwater
shoreline on Deep Lake.

The park, filled with trails, is abundant in
old-growth cedar and fir trees.

Millersylvania State Park is located at 12245
Tilly Road South, Olympia, WA, 98512.

Secret Café: Community Dinner at the Love Shack
Facilitator: The Love Shack

Location: 225 Milroy Street, Olympia, WA

September 20tht, 2007, 6pm-8pm

Thanks to the kind sponsorship of the Love Shack,
pre-registration with the LINK Symposium
(Registration Level 1 and Level 2) comes with
pre-paid tickets to dinner at the Love Shack
Secret cafe. The Love Shack is Olympia' amazing
residential-community permaculture project and
features environmentally friendly toilet system,
rainwater catcher, and several gardens install by
GRuB (see below). Please keep in mind that you
can also order meals at the Secret Cafe, without
registering for the LINK Symposium. Everyone is
welcome for this special community dinner. J

Friday, September 21st and Saturday, September
22nd LINK Symposium Schedule.

September 21st, 2007, 10:00am-11:30am -

Community Tour And Interactive Art Workshop

Facilitator: Chriset Palenshus Location: 225
Milroy Street, Olympia, WA

Free Exhibition Tables for everyone September
21st, 22nd and 23rd, 2007.

From 10am on Friday, September 21st through 4pm
on Saturday, September 23rd, everyone is welcome
to place flyers, booklets and more material for
their groups on any of the exhibition tables
located in Comm. 2 of 610 Columbia Street,
Olympia, WA 98501.

We encourage you to network!

In order to maintain the educational independence
of the LINK Symposium we do not make these
exhibition tables available to multinational
corporations or politician-affiliated government
agencies. Thank you for your understanding.

Chriset Palenshus works at the Center for
Community-Based Learning and Action at The
Evergreen State College. There she coordinates
action days where students and community members
partner with local organizations to improve
Olympia. They have worked with GRuB to build a
community garden, helped move Camp Quixote to
their new location, helped to organize the Free
Store and much more. She and her 8 year old son
Gabriel spent the last few years traveling, and
living around the world. Some of the things
Chriset has done include working for peace,
justice, and sustainability. She has performed in
the Vagina Monologues, been a delegate to a
multi-national conference regarding the FTAA and
worked with the Women of Color Coalition to
co-ordinate networking at the International SURGE
Film Festival and Conference. She legalized
skateboarding on CWU campus and has been a DJ at
the university radio station and helped to build
straw bale homes. She has also recently helped to
co-ordinate the Community Action Day at the Fern
Haven Center. The photograph at left is Chriset
(far left) at Fern Haven with friends and
Community Action Day participants. The action day
included projects such as organic gardening,
building a composting toilet, clearing trails,
landscaping, woodcutting and more. The photo at
right is Chriset in a protest. Chriset was
recently in an article in The Olympian and Free
Speech TV regarding her peace activism in the
resistance to the militarization of the Olympia
Port. To read that article please
www.blueskylink.org. She hopes that she can make
the world a better place.

September 21st, 2007, 1pm-2:30pm

Garden Raised Bounty Interactive Workshop and
Tour Facilitator: Justin Umholtz

Location: The exact location of this workshops is
included in your LINK resource binder.

LINK attendants will also have an opportunity to
enjoy the GRuB experience! GRuB is an acronym for
Garden Raised Bounty. GRuB is a non-profit
organization dedicated to nourishing strong
communities by empowering people to grow good
food. Conference participants will experience a
tour, a little hands-on work and an entirely
rewarding experience!

GRuB grows inspired, self-confident, and
community-minded youth through educational and
employment opportunities in their Cultivating
Youth program. GRuB also has a Kitchen Garden
Project that helps low-income families to help
themselves by building raised-bed gardens at
their homes, and they improve quality of life and
nutrition of low-income seniors through
therapeutic garden programs. Since 1993, the
Kitchen Garden Project (KGP) has given over 1,300
gardens to low/no-income families in the Pacific
Northwest! KGP builds free vegetable gardens for
low-income families, seniors, disabled people,
and single parents. KGP garden recipients receive
3 raised beds, a trellis, fertile soil, seeds,
starts, a gardening guide, and the opportunity to
work with a garden mentor. The gardens are built
with the help of the KGP coordinator, KGP
assistant, interns, the GRuB Youth Crew, and many
community volunteers. The gardens can produce up
to $650 of fresh organic produce each growing
season! GRuB farm youth learn about the benefits
of organic and sustainable agriculture through
hands-on work growing organic produce.

To visit the GRuB website please click here.

All Good Visions Start with a Dream, Followed
through with Dogged Perseverance and Dedicated
Hard Work September 21st, 2007, 4pm-5:30pm

Facilitator: Mike Pelly Location: Olympia
Freeschool, 610 Columbia Street, Olympia, WA

To read the full workshop description and to hear
Mike Pelly online in a National Public Radio
interview please our website at
www.blueskylink.org and click on 'Presenters, Pg
1 of 2'.

Mike Pelly, the president of Olympia Green Fuels,
has been actively involved in the biodiesel field
since 1995 and in the development of various
forms of renewable energies for over 20 years.
His work in biodiesel includes writing a recipe
on how-to make biodiesel that was posted at the
website www.journeytoforever.org since Spring of
2000 and has been read by millions. It is now
translated in 4 languages and has been the
springboard for learning to produce biodiesel for
many people around the world. At left is a
photograph of Mike Pelly repairing a filtration
problem on his biodiesel processor. At right is
the 'Pelly Model A5' Biodiesel Processor. He has
been featured in many radio interviews including
the National Public Radio interview ad=nd the
Frugal Yankee, both found on our website at

Mike Pelly and Olympia Green Fuels have become a
vital part of advancing biodiesel use in the USA
Pacific Northwest, and beyond. Olympia Green
Fuels manufactures, tests, and sells
high-quality, industrial grade modular
skid-mounted biodiesel processors for those
wishing to produce a clean burning, safe, and
domestic fuel for a variety of uses. Mike Pelly
also provides the technical training needed to
operate the processor, and training needed to
start a successful restaurant grease collection
route. Mike's processors and training has enabled
people worldwide to produce their own biodiesel
fuel, to be used as they see fit, whether it be
for fueling their own fleet of vehicles or
equipment, for heating needs, or for selling. The
'Pelly Model A' Series Biodiesel Processor
continues to provide years of efficient biodiesel
production. The 'Pelly Model A5' Biodiesel
Processor will process 1000 gallons of vegetable
oil into biodiesel per week (over 50,000 gallons
annually). Expansion capabilities with the system
that Mike Pelly created will allow the processing
of 6,000 gallons of oil into biodiesel per week
(over 300,000 gallons annually). Most fresh oils
will yield at over 95%, and low free fatty acid
used fryer oils will produce yields of 80% to
over 90%.

Workshop Title: All Good Visions Start with a
Dream, Followed through with Dogged Perseverance
and Dedicated Hard Work

With the onset of rising fuel prices due to Peak
Oil, Rapid environmental degradation worldwide
caused by Global Warming, and the untold deaths,
pain and suffering caused by U.S. foreign
policies relying on fighting wars to assure
continued access to fossil oil. It is time our
nation gets serious about changing our
destructive and consuming way of life and set in
motion positive sustainable changes. With
globalization and emerging nations like China and
India we need to set positive examples of change
for ourselves and others around the world.

We are facing problems with solutions that are
not hindered by technology but rather by hurdles
of the Will. We are a nation of innovators, but
currently are being governed mostly by war
mongering, crime families or ineffective
spineless politicians who lack the will or
courage to make the needed changes happen.

Mike Pelly will be discussing technological and
social ways we can cause positive changes to
happen. Solutions he will be covering include
fresh information and insights into the quickly
growing biofuels and biodiesel industry, with a
look at it's positive aspects as well as what
pitfalls to avoid. He will talk also about many
of the exciting advancements happening in other
renewable/appropriate energy technologies like
wind, tidal and solar.

He will include a discussion on both old and
suppressed technologies, as well as new cutting
edge methods for implementing energy conservation
and efficiency improvements.

Mike is not afraid to point his finger at oil
companies and other entities at the epicenter of
problems we face and he'll be discussing ways we
can legally get these companies attention and
cause them to rethink their destructive

The struggles associated with Peak Oil,
Globalization and combating Global Climate change
could very well go down in history as being the
catalyst, to cause U. S. citizenry to wrestle
control of our nation back from fascist corporate
control, to a nation truly; Of the People, By the
People and For the People.

Reclaiming Grassroots Artswalks

September 22nd, 2007, 10am-11am

Facilitator: Anna, Cameron, Carolyn, Evan Schopke
and other members of the Raccoon Collective.
Location: 610 Columbia Street, Olympia, WA 98501.
The Westside Artswalk, organizd by the Raccoon
Collective, became more popular than anyone could
have imagined. Within 3 months the number of
homes, community organizations and schools that
were involved in this monthly event nearly
tripled and the Artswalk soon spread to also
create an Eastside Artswalk as well!

Radical Social Theory

September 22nd, 2007, 11:15am-12:15pm

Facilitator: Radical Road Trip

Location: 610 Columbia Street, Olympia, WA 98501

The radical road trip is a journey and an
adventure with a bunch of friends. We are going
to travel around the country on a road trip
starting August 14th, 2008 to raise consciousness
for the need to create a better world! A DIY
documentary will be placed online for free which
will share the road trip with others worldwide
This workshop will discuss the road trip plans
and discuss other road trips which encourage
multicultural alliances.

September 22nd, 2007, 12:30pm- 1:45pm-Lunch

The Need for Local Food Security in Our Community
and the Gleaners Winter Farm Project

September 22nd, 2007, 2:00pm-3:oo pm

Facilitator: Chris.

Location: 610 Columbia Street, Olympia, WA 98501

Free Exhibition Tables for everyone September
21st, 22nd and 23rd, 2007.

This talk will detail the Gleaners Winter Farm
Project which aims to help bring more produce to
table of those in need during the winter months
of scarcity. It will attempt to fit into the
larger theme of local food security which, in the
future, is likely to become increasingly
necessary in the Puget Sound bioregion. Please
come ready to share with the group about what
local resources exist that could involve more
collaborating individuals. This does not have to
be just food related resources, it can be
anything that deserves being plugged. Working
together, a community as a whole becomes greater
than any one individual. It will take us all to
solve our greatest problems.

The Mutualist Project: Creating the Multilingual
Underground Railroad to Make Activism and
Networking Fun Again!

September 22ndt, 2007, 4:30--6:oopm

Facilitator: T with the Mutualist Project
Location: Olympia, Freeschool, 610 Columbia
Street, Olympia, WA 98501.

This presentation was first given at Z Media
Institute with Noam Chomsky in Woods Hole,
Massachusetts in June 2007. It will discuss
creating a progressive digital infrastructure
that will create::

• mutual-aid health care and dental care • a
Creative Common Search engines so that our
non-copyrighted progressive media can be
distributed worldwide, even when we are sleeping.
• A Mutual-Aid network that increases mutual aid
networking in all aspects of life. • A
revolutionary, online method of distributing
journalism, photos, film, art, music and so much

T is an African-American organizer of several
conferences worldwide and gives multicultural
activist presentations at many other conferences
around the world. He is a peace activist who
majored in Philosophy and minored in women's
studies at Drexel University. He has traveled to
every state in the USA at least twice and has
gained an education in multiracial alliances
through face-to-face experience and hands-on
participation in marginalized and minority
communities. He has visited and volunteered in
communities such as We Invite You in Olympia,
Washington, the Lamont Street Collective in
Washington DC and many more activist communities
and cohousing groups. He has been a member of the
Temple University Adolescent Initiative
organization in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, an
organization that has worked with at-risk
children in foster care and group homes for over
15 years.

T has been a member of the Bus Riders Union in
Los Angeles, California; a world renowned
activist organization recognized for their
multilingual, multiracial work with branches in
the USA and Canada. He has been a member of the
visioning committee of Sisters of the Road, which
has served Homeless residents throughout
Portland, Oregon from within the Old Chinatown
district of Portland since 1979. He has been a
member of the Homeless Outreach services group in
Maui and many more multiracial outreach groups.
He has worked with Tent Cities throughout the
USA, including Dignity Village in Portland,
Oregon and Camp Quixote in Olympia, Washington.
He is currently a member of A Better World is
Within Reach Peace Network, the Surge
International Film Festival and Conference
organizers and an organizer for the annual A
World Beyond Capitalism Conference, the
international multiracial alliance-building peace
conference. He has helped to create over six
full-length documentaries including the music
video documentary, 'The Love, The Rhythm, The
Unstoppable Quest for Social Justice' which has
been aired on cable networks and seen by
thousands of people around the world. The
photograph at the left is of T (in the middle
with the peace sign) with the Alternative Winter
Break group from Vanderbilt College where he
taught an Interactive audio/visual workshop on
Media Empowerment.

Please visit our website at www.blueskylink.org
and click on 'Presenters, Pg 1 of 2' to learn

Special Performance by Jenny Jenkins

September 22ndt, 2007, 6:30pm-7:30pm

Musician: Jenny Jenkins Location: Olympia,
Freeschool, 610 Columbia Street, Olympia, WA

Please visit our website at www.blueskylink.org
and click on 'Presenters, Pg 2 of 2' to visit her
website and hear three of her fantastic songs
'Darkness Like Sunshine,' "Sometimes I Sleep With
Evil' and 'Arrow.'

Jenny Jenkins plays the ukulele and sings
incredibly intense and powerful funny, sad, dirty
songs. Her songs are amazing lyrics combined with
harmony about love, sex, death and funny stuff
that happens and the distances between people.
She was in bands for years and now she is solo so
you can find her CD's at bicyclerecords. She just
got back from an adventurous tour with The
Wellbeings and Yes, Please. Jenny Jenkins will
perform for the LINK symposium after returning
from the Bicycle Records Super-tour 2007! Her new
CD, Oventoucher, should come out in November, and
she is planning a tour for that too! She has been
described as a phenomenal musician with "a keen
wit and an infectious laughter that can turn a
room full of hipsters into giggling
schoolchildren, and a room full of schoolchildren
into little particles of joy. Her previous
projects include, Super Duo, Encyclopedia of Fun,
and "Love is Stupid" a musical staring Mirah in
Olympia circa 1999 that has to be seen to be
believed. If this makes jenny sound like a super
hero, well, perhaps that is because she is."

Multicultural Community Integration and Music!

September 22nd, 2007, 8:00pm

Musicians: Red & Ruby Location: Traditions Café
and World Folk Art, 300 5th Avenue SW, Olympia,
WA 985011

Traditions Cafe and World Folk Art, a sponsor of
the LINK Symposium and LINK Film Festival, will
present Local musicians Vince Brown and LaVon
Hardison have teamed to bring us jazz and swing,
humor and fine hats. Vince on guitar and banjo,
LaVon on vocals are an entertaining new duo
gaining many fans. A CD release party!

Important: Thanks to the kind sponsorship of
Traditions Cafe and World Folk Art,
pre-registration with the LINK Symposium
(Registration Level 1 and Level 2) comes with
pre-paid tickets to the Red & Ruby evening
performances which are available on a limited
seating basis! Tickets are necessary for the
below events. Please keep in mind that you can
also purchase tickets, where necessary, at
Traditions without registering for LINK.

When you hear great performers, you know it right
away. They balance skill with humility, sadness
with levity, and performance with listening. Red
& Ruby do all that and more, as they swing
through a curious playlist of songs from the
1920s to modern day. They've got so much
chemistry that Monsanto pales in comparison.

Their engaging partnership didn't just happen
overnight. Both have extensive musical experience
that supports their playful performances. Vince
has been performing and teaching acoustic music
on guitar & banjo in a variety of styles for over
30 years. He has played at venues and festivals
around the world. Recent performance projects
include western swing style take-off guitar with
Red Brown & the Tune Stranglers; guitar & tenor
banjo with the gypsy swing band Hot Club
Sandwich; and regular performances on guitar and
5-string banjo. He also teaches guitar
performance and theory. LaVon's background
includes musical theater, including the Stardust
holiday musical by Olympia's Harlequin
Productions; various roles with Boston Lyric
Opera; and work with a variety of regional
musicians. She has contributed vocals to albums
by Hot Club Sandwich and Obrador, and recently
(after much urging) released her first solo
album, entitled Choices. She's also a vocal coach
and church choir director. While LaVon's clearly
articulated lyrics unravel the songs' stories,
emotion and the melody are an even bigger part of
her vocal storytelling, which includes a unique
scatting style. "I think people get caught up
with words, which get to the intellect. Music can
get straight to your being. Words tend to have
barriers, but music has an ability to break down
these barriers. Music doesn't have to jump
through so many hoops on its way to the heart."
The humor and angst of the human condition are
painted with unerring clarity in the music of Red
& Ruby -- and they share the fun with anyone
willing to come along for the ride.

B.I.N.N. 2007: Bias In Northwest News and Media
Conference. Olympia, Washington

Because We've BEEN Ignored By Corporate and
Progressive Media For Far Too Long.

As minorities, women fighting patriarchy,
marginalized people, activists and progressive
members of the community, we already realize that
corporate media censors news about marginalized
people. But what exactly do we do when
progressive newspapers, magazines and media
groups also ignore marginalized people? A Free
event.  http://www.dsame.com/binn.html

A World Beyond Capitalism Conference. The Third
Annual International Multiracial Alliance
Building Peace Conference

A World Beyond Capitalism 2007 invites activists
to come to Seattle in October 2007 and engage in
a weekend of educational discussion and visionary
dialogue. Registration is free of charge,


Where Can I Find People Who Care About Creating a
Better World?


Michael Gaiuranos

Articipation: A Collaborative Imaginative Story &
Utopia Creation. Sunday, September 23rdt, 2007,
10:00am-12:00pm Facilitator: Michael Gaiuranos
Location: Olympia, Freeschool, 610 Columbia
Street, Olympia, WA 98501

Michael Gaiuranos will be conducting a special
seminar titled: Articipation: A Collaborative
Imaginative workshop designed to spark creativity
and imagination as part of the LINK Symposium.
Beginning with a staged reading of "How Do We
Live?" this 10-minute play will then become the
prompt and response point for the participants'
discussion and own creativity. Participants will
collaborate with one another, first to create a
mode of consensus and creativity, and will then
have the opportunity to write, stage, and perform
(or propose performers for) their brand-new, hot
out of the box creative production. Not only will
this be fun and low-stress, but it also
represents a genuinely revolutionary moment in
art, and theater in particular—to bring to life
an artistic vision, socially and collaboratively
created, that a mere hour before didn't even
exist as a notion in society. This is a chance to
evoke utopia here and now; to make it visible and

Michael Gaiuranos is an award-winning writer with
a Masters in Writing and Literature from Antioch
University in Yellow Springs, OH. An author of 7
novels and over 24 works for the stage, his play
"Blanks" was recently selected as part of the UPS
/ Northwest Playwrights Alliance Joint Festival
of New Pacific Northwest Works scheduled for
February/March 2008. Since 2004, he has
collaborated variously with members of the School
for Designing a Society based in Urbana,
Illinois, and has twice traveled to Patch Adams'
Gesundheit! Institute in West Virginia for SDS
Summer Sessions.

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007, 1pm Presentation:
LINK Symposium 2007 Graduation Ceremony and...

... "Why Do We Care About Love When Working For A
Better World" Open Forum Workshop

Everyone who attends at least 5 workshops at the
LINK Symposium receives a graduation certificate.

Monday, September 24th, 2007, 11am

LINK Symposium Unity Cruise of Puget Sound!

Thanks for being part of the 2007 September LINK

Don't forget, the 2007 October LINK Symposium
begins Oct 4th! For more details visit

homepage: homepage: http://www.blueskylink.org
phone: phone: (206) 337-1556