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Call-Out: Manifestation At Tacoma ICE Detention Center, 5 pm, Saturday

Call-Out: Saturday, Sept. 22, 5 pm, Manifestation In Front of ICE Detention Center, Tacoma (Directions and details below)

At 11 pm on Saturday night Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) set up checkpoints around a Lynnwood Fred Meyer store. At these checkpoints ICE was stopping everyone and checking their papers. Beyond these checkpoints they were raiding the Fred Meyer. When it was all over, ICE had detained six latino men who are now being shipped away from their homes, families and loved ones. The checkpoints and the raids are just a small glimpse of not only what immigrants are having to deal with on a regular basis but what everyone in the US will have to deal with in the future.

ICE agents can go anywhere they want with impunity, carrying their guns and looking at the skin colors of those they walk past. The Gestapo did the same thing in Germany. Why is this country different? Why is ICE not seen for what it actually is? No one in the government is going to put a stop to this. We cannot wait any longer for action to be taken by those in power. It is those in power who allow and want ICE to continue doing what it is doing. Lets show the powers that be that we will not be blind to their attacks on our friends, family, loved ones and our communities. Lets show them that we can see their institutions and their actions for what they are: racist Gestapo tactics that threaten each and every one of us. We must forget them and realize the only ones who will stop this horror are ourselves. All the work is for us to do and no one will do it for us.

There will be a manifestation at 5 pm in front of the Tacoma ICE Detention Center. Come in whatever capacity you can and with whatever you can bring. During previous actions ICE agents have been scanning crowds looking for people. Those with complications should think of not coming to this manifestation. All input and ideas are welcome. We will be meeting near the front gate of the Detention Center.

-Smash ICE

Location and Directions:

1623 East J Street
Tacoma, Washington 98421-1615

From North:
Take EXIT 135 toward PORTLAND AVE / WA-167 N / PUYALLUP. Ramp becomes E 27TH ST. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto PORTLAND AVE. Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto ST PAUL AVE. Turn LEFT onto E 15TH ST. Turn LEFT onto E J ST. End at 1623 E J St

From South:
Take the I-705 N / WA-7 S exit- EXIT 133- toward CITY CENTER. Take the exit on the LEFT toward CITY CENTER / TACOMA DOME. Take the EAST 26 ST. exit toward TACOMA DOME. Turn RIGHT onto E 26TH ST. Turn LEFT onto E D ST. E D ST becomes E 15TH ST. Turn RIGHT onto E J ST. End at 1623 E J St