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Rod Coronado's case submitted to jury

Rod's case goes to jury
Today, US Attorney John Parmley gave the government's closing argument in Rod Coronado's case. This was followed by a lengthy and moving closing by defense attorney Tony Serra, which was interrupted by lunchtime and continued in the afternoon. Following this, US Attorney Mike Skerlos gave a rather weak and very short rebuttal. At approximately 4:00, the case was submitted to the jury.

A verdict is expected no earlier than tomorrow afternoon - it's uncertain how long the jurors might need to deliberate.

The Coronado Show 18.Sep.2007 00:59


Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2007 | As the lawyers wrangled over her husband's future, Chrysta Coronado, wife of embattled environmental activist Rod Coronado pressed a small leather Native American medicine pouch to her chest. Inside was a clutch of buffalo fur, some dried sage and a few gifts from Coronado's children.

Whether the charms will work their magic for Coronado will be decided at some point, probably in the next few days. The jurors who have heard Coronado's case, which began last week, began deliberating late Monday after a day of courtroom drama that would have made any Hollywood producer proud.

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