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Ice on the Border

Harassment on the Canadian Border. Add your story to comments section.
This summer I was returning from B.C., Canada and was harassed by Border Security. Reason: I was driving a truck that had recently been purchased from a former smoker. I had used an amber incense to mask the offensive odor of stale smoke. I also happened to play a Sitar, which was in the back. Meeting the terrorist profile, I was pulled over, handcuffed, searched, and retained for three hours. Repeatedly I was asked if I smoked marijuana. When I was freed the agent in charge politely responded that he had not searched my Sitar, which is a fragile instrument. (But, wait a minute, wouldn't that be an ideal place to hide pot?)

Not an isolated case: a fellow professional born in Australia, but living here thirty years was similarly isolated at Port Angeles this summer and intimidated. This gentleman has climbed all the peaks of Washington and Oregon and is highly respected in our community.

What do we have in common? We are both educated and caring individuals. I was asked one strange question at the border. Do you have a master's degree?
"No, but I have 200 semester hours", I responded. That was enough to get me pulled over. Why? The Nazi's first began to pull intellectuals off the streets in order to establish their regime.

Moral: Act dumb, even if you ain't.