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Northwest Regional Encuentro

Proyecto Margarita Ortega is organizing, alone with organizers in the host city of Tacoma, a regional meeting to discuss solidarity actions which will take place in Tacoma during the No Border Camp happening this year Calexico/Mexicali
Please join us on October 5th and 6th for community building and action planning. Friday the 5th we will come together in Tacoma. Music, tabling and speeches will be happening that evening. The next day we ask individuals, affinity groups and collectives to join us in discussing and planning our regions solidarity actions with the resistance happening in Calexico/Mexicali. We seek to build a sustainable movement of resistance surrounding issues of immigration, capitalism, racism, community attacks, imperalism and colonialism. The Northwest Encuentro is designed to assist in the development of a sustainable network based on dual power, mutual aid and pro community actions. We work to stop the attacks in our community, as well as to acknowledge, address and fight the broader issues of oppression and community repression based off of a culture of racism and xenophobia, which are fueled by capitalism and colonialism. Please get in contact with Proyecto Margarita Ortega at  NWEncuentro@riseup.net or Pitchpipe Infoshop at 617 S 17th St Tacoma WA. Please distribute information in your city far and wide. Let's get this started!