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Details Of ICE Presence In Lynnwood

At 11 PM, Sept 15th, ICE agents and the Lynnwood Police blocked off the roads near a Fred Meyer and proceeded to raid the store. They came out with 6 latino men who are now ready to be shipped away from their homes.

The ICE agents are currently staying at the Embassy Suites in Lynnwood (20610 44th Ave West, Lynnwood, WA 98306). Because they are still there, another raid is likely.

There is a processing center that those detained will probably be taken to in Tukwila (12500 Tukwila International Blvd). From there they will either be shipped off or taken to the ICE detention center in Tacoma.

The Lynnwood Police played a large role in what occurred last night. The main police station is located at 19321 44th Avenue West in Lynnwood.

This is all taking place right now. Anything we can do to alert people before a raid, impede the natural course of a raid or otherwise put a wrench in their operations should be done. The new American Gestapo (ICE) needs to be shut down. This is some helpful information for those wondering what they can do.

There will be more developments as time goes by.

An hour is enough time for someone to get away.

-Smash ICE

Keep Posting these Observations 17.Sep.2007 09:43

J. Swaggart

Follow the tactics of ICE and Post their tactics. The processing facilities their movements...Post where they eat.

These kinds of para-military activities directed at any sub-culture or demographic is threatening to us all because if tolerated it will expand to include other populations. Perhaps, groups of sympathetic protesters squating near an action. Perhaps a group of homeless kids staying warm and safe on a cold winter night.

This is a state sponsored terror tactic and its success will encourage expansion.

I lived in Portland and rode Critical Mass frequently until I realized that the overwhelming police presence was a result of a City Sponsored police training program. Critical Mass had become a monthly police training program designed to provide experience for police in crowd control during protests and similar events.

Critical Mass had been usurped. The intention of Critical Mass...to raise awareness of bicycling, companionship, and fun had become a threatening hostile agressive and dangerous thing because the Police Thugs had determined that Critical Mass was a good training ground for Police Violence....a skill they have honed well. The police pressed the boundries by provoking individuals. They violated the laws of the road and the civil rights of cyclists. Under the watchful eye of the police and their unwelcomed participation a good time bicycle ride through Portland had become a dangerous thing.

The Police rolled out different tactics. Including SWAT tactics, they used horses, and motocycle cops, undercover cops to infiltrate, they use bicycle cops and helios. All of these tactics which they practiced on Critical Mass appeared elsewhere during other events.

The parallel between ICE and the Portland Police activities against Critical Mass clear. The object of the attacks are marginalized populations: Bicycle riding youth and undocumented workers. The frequency of attacks...monthly in Portland...is high so reporting becomes infrequent. In the case of I.C.E. they rely on stelth and suprise so there is little media attention. The attacks themselves are training excercises that translate to other "real-life" situations where other "populations" "must" be quaranteened and processed.

Believe very strongly that there is another very large training ground where they teach breaking into houses to terify children....home is where children live...that training ground is called Iraq. When those trainees return home it will change the tone, scope, and methodology of "civil terrorism". The threat and danger directed toward our population will be overwhelming it will be Critial Mass on steroids...just like many of the junky--addict Portland Police.

The only real defense against the growth of these tactics is communication to find a generalized agreement that this is against our values as a society. This police activity does not reflect our values as a city or nation or society. That kind of thinking requires an honest evaluation of what we hold true. If we live in a dangerous hostile and threatening place then we are a brutish people. Our world will be different when we truely act according to our values and those values are different from the values we currently hold.

yep! 17.Sep.2007 17:30

heed the advise

Well said J