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Week Eight - IMPEACHMENT RALLY at Earls office (video)

week 8 - day 56 - weekly Impeachment Rally to encourage Earl to bring Impeachment to the table.
This is a short video clip of Thursdays rally
Crimes Have Been Committed
Crimes Have Been Committed
Week Eight of the Impeachment Rally continues outside of Earl Blumenauer's office in Portland
This is a short clip of the dozen citizens who have independently gathered outside on the sidewalk to urge the Impeachment Issue be "put on the table"

A few went inside to register their "wishes"
No police starring at us!

I gave the office directions (inside the building) to one citizen who came to Earls Portland Office to give his opinion and his view on this Impeachment issue.
He went in and later as he came out he waved and said "Thanks"

The video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jhxhz5eTZ0Q
....includes a short audio clip of the Lone Vet speaking earlier that morning on KPOJ (620am Talk Radio)

He gives the highlights of the "SIT - IN" at the convention center on Wednesday, and reminds the listeners that Earls spokesperson has now informed us (citizens)of the September 23 meeting that Blumenauer's office is having a forum on War, Peace, and Impeachment topics.

That location is suppose to beat at "Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, 25 N. Rosa Parks Way, Portland" ......(so far) .......at a unknown time?

(UPDATE - 9/16)The latest I just heard on 9/15 was the meeting may(?) be postponed due to a serious illness of someone close to Earl and his staff?

Illegal spying on citizens, using/allowing torture,using rendition, using false information to wage war, lying about WMD, wiretapping citizens phone calls with out a warrant, not upholding the Constitution. (this man needs to be Impeached)

Get Active - Come Join us at the Impeachment Rally every Thursday (and Wednesdays)
Located at 729 NE Oregon Street

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