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A Fit Of Consicence

If GWB were suddenly struck by lightning in the studio and decided to tell us all what is going down, what would he say?
*echoes dwindle*

*GWB blinks into camera confusedly, then his face assumes the most sorrowful, determined look...*

My Fellow Americans. It is with a heavy heart and a sense of terrible purpose that I appear before you today. During the last six years everything I had thought was true and right has been questioned, by you, by the congress and finally, by my self. I have come to realize, despite constant urgings from everyone who is close to me, that the only course which can possibly save this great nation from utter ruin is a drastic change in course- and much sacrifice will be demanded of each and every one of us. I have come to see the greatest danger facing this nation is not global warming, it is not terrorism or Islam, it is greed and shortsightedness.

Because people from my class have been making billions, we have participated in the systematic deconstruction of systems, institutions, which have spoken to the needs of the public to enfold their funding into our nation's coffers- which we are emptying into the sands to bankrupt the treasury and enrich ourselves. We are currently involved in the utter destruction of the middle class in America. These and other acts, combined, will concentrate historic wealth into our hands and a power that will make previous periods in American history look tawdry. We might have problems getting around without armies to guard us but we will do this over your dead bodies and we will not notice the crunch of your child's bones beneath our feet- we do not see the blood dripping from every forkful we take, why would we notice that? It is happening all around you now. I do not expect you to be able to do anything about it. I just for this moment felt human enough to try to warn you. I am not sure why, it's all working, I could have just rode along and gotten paid but I feel kinda funny......

They will probably kill me now.

I am sorry.

For decades now we have primed you for just this moment. You have no idea, you cannot know, not enough of you, we have been so very careful! The TV, like a mass hypnosis; spreading memes and floating trial balloons and watching, counting, charting, graphing...we know how you act now, well enough to know just what buttons to push. You poor saps. Welcome to servitude.

By now they've cut the live feed, so I am speaking to history now.

I wonder if which our plans will bear fruit. Most probably will because you are all asleep at the wheel. I mean, the PNAC was the biggest trial balloon anyone can name. In 98 we came right out and told the world how we intended to do it, on paper. Then Karl and the boys got to work on things and now, well, I am not so sure it's all going to work out but we don't play for chickenfeed and we don't talk about losing, just how to win. I am just looking back and wondering, all this time, I had my eye on a prize and didn't know that I was winning a different one - how could I have been so wrong? We have caused your demise, and anesthetized you so well that even now, when it is clear that you need to awake, you likely will not. Our greed will kill you unless you stop us.

Global warming is the train coming down the tunnel, not Islam or anything else. Without immediate cooperation with all nations to prepare to transition to post warming economies and modus vivendi (I DID go to Harvard you know!) the human race is due to suffer massive die-off. As it is, many will not evade peril even if we act now. To reduce the horrors which we will see gripping our world, it is neccessary to form international boards of investigation which answer only to the truth, not a contractor or government but the raw truth. Actual answers can be found, and quickly. This will never happen, unless you take the reins and make it happen, but then the really hard part:

You, my fellow Americans, must sacrifice. I wonder if you will. If you want this nation to have a chance of surviving, you have got to stop the corporations from their takeover. You must find legal ways to de-personify them, bring back the limited charter, make Government contracts cap at 10% profit, and while you do that you must demand an electric-for-gas vehicle swap. Every gas car turned in, an electric vehicle suitable for short range travel (40 km/charge minimum) will be issued. Personal inner and intercity travel should be facilitated by expansion of light rail facilities and hybrid motor coaches be utilized- until hydrogen gets here-for mass transport. Commercial vehicles should also be hybrid. No new cars utilizing the old technologies of straight gas or deisel should be made.

Plastic? It must all be recalimed. The unsuable will be enfolded into the environment in as gentle a way as possible. All other, recycled. Glass, scrap metals, all must be turned in in order to amass needed resources without mining new ones. There are no mining or smelting processes currently in place which are not environmentally toxic and such must be abated immediately. Miners may end up becoming salvage workers...we are going to have alot of folks economically displaced, we will need to be creative in answering their needs.

Food fish will be farmed until wild populations are stable. Fishermen might better learn how to be shepherds, as it were.

There is a huge amount of information on all of this in vaults and file cabinets all over the Civil Service, you know. All stuff that was done, some of it many years ago, in political climates which made the truth an undesirable element of reports which would diverge from the party line, draw negative attention from on high. Much of it has been altered by supervisors more interested in pleasing their bosses than with the safety of others! This all needs to be revisited. I have heard stories...

So you say, Great George! Thanks for finally speaking up! (Or maybe you don't, whatever) HOW are we gonna do it?
Whose gonna pay for it? Well, in large part you are, if you have the balls. This is the kind of stuff that makes a capitalist get his guns, don't think they won't fight you. You are gonna have to pay a bit more in taxes and that sucks but that's what will have to happen- but the hard part will be getting the corporations to pay theirs. 95% of taxes collected in this nation are personal income taxes. Let me say that backwards for clarity: 5% of the taxes collected in this country come from corporations- YOU pay the rest. None of us who took advantage think this is fair, we don't think it matters if it is fair- but you might. If you aren't hypnoed on the Spice Girls or whoever.

There's a lot to this, I can't do it all now, I find myself suddenly feeling a bit tired. I don't suppose this'll ever get heard....but I feel a little better now

I know that doesnt mean much to you