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Many Thanks for Supporting James Chasse

Thanks, questions, resources and police contracts
Many thanks to the community for helping the Mental Health Association of Portland define outstanding questions and concerns remaining after what happened to James Chasse. Join us on September 17 at 4 PM outside of Portland City Hall when we will deliver a letter asking for these questions to be answered to You can read our letter to Portland Mayor Tom Potter with its questions included at the Mental Health Association of Portland web site. You can read the compendium of public documents and published articles about James Chasse at What Happened to James Chasse. Several questions sent are answered best by reviewing the contract between the Portland Police Association and the city, and the contract between the Portland Police Commanding Officers Association and the city. Both contracts reside on the city web site. Portland Police Association 2006-2010 (PDF Document, 457kb) Portland Police Commanding Officers Association 2006-2010 (PDF Document, 154kb)

homepage: homepage: http://www.mentalhealthportland.org/

Honor Jim Jim 16.Sep.2007 21:12

A Friend

Without individuals willing to carry the torch the light will go out.

Remember Jim Jim in the spirit that he would condone: Peace, Love, and Celebration.

Posting this photo of Jim Jim with his hand lightly holding his journal of writings says so much about him and informs us as to how we should honor his memory. Justice is a delicate thing...and it is a delicate thing that has been denied to Jim Jim. However, we who knew Jim Jim know and understand that his wisdom would never pursue Justice by employing by an aggressive course of aggressive action ...his pursuit was always subtle. Jim would rather lightly touch the book than to thrust it forward to make the point.

To all those outraged by the injustice of his treatment by the police. There is no favor to be found, either here or afterward, to assaulting the Caesar. Caesar is as Caesar does and that is its own reward. No empire has lasted that practiced injustice and neither will the Portland Police they are on a downward spiral...patience is its own reward. Do not give them a reason to kill you and you will see their demise. Think and act without provocation and you will be rewarded for your patience and your virtue. There is nothing to be gained from behaving like the animals you detest. We are thoughtful and that is what distinguishes us from the animals who have only brute force at their command and the grand jury to their defense. Brute force that can kill a body without ever touching the soul or the spirit that soars above it.

Honor Jim Jim by celebrating his spirit...the spirit of joy in all living things...the spirit to overcome the abuse of his body...the spirit to rise above the brutish behavior suffered by common people everywhere...Jim Jim is a symbol of the community of injustice in Portland. Savor that injustice for it is only a moment that will not last. Celebrate Jim Jim in his life and in his death as the living icon of the injustice that exists in Portland. Just as Jim Jim was once a living and breathing thing his memory is now the icon of another living and breathing brutish thing that terminated his mortal existence...that thing is the Portland Police Bureau.

The shame on the City of Portland and the shame on the Portland Police Bureau is overwhelming because it is pervasive and its continued existence relies upon a cadre of criminal actors. It is reflected in the Political sphere...the mayor is evasive when not defensive and otherwise silent allowing a cabal of attorney's to speak to his defense. The City Attorney, County Prosecutor, and the Grand Jury are the puppets of civil government and serve at the Caesar's pleasure. The Media is soft in its pursuit of truth finding their greatest reward in serving the Caesar seeking his pleasure.

Post the image of Jim Jim as an icon to remind the Caesar. Wear the image of Jim Jim as an icon to remind the Caesar. Use the tools of poetry, and song, and argument as your weapons. Use joy, laughter, and play as your defense. Do not attack the throne directly...as if annoying the cops is attacking the throne...because the throne has weapons chemical, biological, political, legislative, media, and personal to counter your attack, however, they have no defense against reason, spirit, love, and joy. They have no defense against Jim Jim and the values for which he lived. Let those values guide us all as we pursue justice anywhere for any cause.

Don't let him down.

A Friend.