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Be In The Streets This Monday!

This Monday Seept.17th Will mark the one yr anniversary ov James P. Chasses' murder.
PLEASE REPOST PLEASE REPOST PLEASE REPOST PLEASE REPOST __________________________________________________________ POLICE ACCOUNTIBILITY ACTION MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 8 am to 4 pm SW 2nd & Main St, Downtown at the Police Station (Just off the west side of the Hawthorne Bridge) On the 1 year anniversary of James Chasse's death Last year police beat and killed James Chasse, a man living with mental illness, for "acting bizarre". All officers were found to have acted within the law. Portland demands accountability for these actions and too many others. Portland demands an end to police brutality! Anyone paying attention is urged to attend. Stay all day or for an hour. If you are outraged, bring your anger. If you are afraid, bring your fear. If you are overwhelmed, bring your sadness. If you are confused, bring your questions. We will demand justice as a community! BRING SIGNS, CHALK, NOISE For more info contact september17demandjustice@yahoo.com __________________________________________________________ PLEASE REPOST PLEASE REPOST PLEASE REPOST PLEASE REPOST __________________________________________________________ On Monday, September 17, 2007, it will be the one-year anniversary of the day Portland Police Officers Christopher Humphreys & Kyle Nice and Multnomah County Deputy Sheriff Bret Burton brutally assaulted and killed James Chasse, Jr., a man with schizophrenia who had committed no crime. They tasered him repeatedly, punched, kicked and kneed him until nearly all of his left ribs were broken, his lungs were penetrated, his internal organs hemorrhaged and he went into cardiac arrest. The officers who did this told eye witnesses that Chasse was a "transient" & "on drugs" when they knew he had a home address and it was later revealed there were no drugs in his system. Officers turned medical professionals who arrived on the scene away, choosing to take a dying Chasse to jail instead of the hospital. They kept him in custody for an hour until jail personal refused to take him. Chasse was pronounce dead shortly after at the hospital. NONE OF THE OFFICERS INVOLVED WERE FOUND TO HAVE ACTED OUTSIDE OF THE LAW. NO ONE HAS BEEN HELD ACCOUNTIBLE FOR THIS DISGUSTING ACT. Since Chasse's death, Mayor Tom Potter & Police Chief Rosie Sizer have mislead the public to believe that James Chasse died because he was not being taken care of by a crumbling mental health system. Now, the City of Portland is fighting a legal battle to keep the details of the internal investigation secret from the public. JAMES CHASSE DID NOT DIE BECAUSE HE WAS MENTALLY ILL. HE DIED BECAUSE THE POLICE BEAT AND TASERED HIM UNTIL THEY KILLED HIM. Now, on the one-year anniversary of Chasse's death, Portland will stand up to say that we have not forgotten what happened and we will not let it happen again. We demand justice for James Chasse and all victims and survivors of police brutality who came before him. We demand transparency and oversight into the actions of the police. We demand Mayor Potter and others who hold elected power stop distracting the public and hold the offending officers accountable. We are not fooled. We will not live in fear. We will not compromise. We say NO MORE UNNECCESSARY DEATHS BY PORTLAND POLICE AND NO MORE VIOLENT TARGETING OF THOSE DEEMED "UNDESIRABLE" BY ELECTED OFFICIALS, BUSINESS OWNERS & THE POLICE. Join us as we confront the powers that be in an all day demonstration across the street from the Central Precinct Cop Station (Downtown on SW 2nd & Main St, just over the Hawthorne Bridge). An outraged and heartbroken group of citizens will start the day's events at 8 am and remain until 4 pm. The event will feature an informal array of speakers (including YOU!), sign making and waving, sidewalk chalk art & banners. Please bring yourself, your family, your friends, fellow activists, co-workers, noise, tears, laughs, chants, drums, music, signs, chalk, cookies, coffee, water, bikes, cameras, your heart, your passion, your voice. PLEASE DISTRIBUTE THIS EMAIL FAR AND WIDE! FOR MORE INFO PLEASE CONTACT september17demandjustice@yahoo.com or call 503-867-5456. SEE YOU IN THE STREETS...