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U.S. Illegally Minting AMERO COINS for NAU that doesn't exist...yet. 2007 date on them!

First, just pictures. Now, a freaking Amero coin has been obtained. Holy sh*t! Amero coin with 2007 date obtained. Made at the Denver mint. The Denver mint is treasonous--it is plotting the destruction of the USA. See pictures. See video. Amero coins with 2007 date virtually predict dissolution of the U.S.A. this year and morphing into the NAU. Likely introduced by force after an artificial stock market crash. See associated leaked story from the Denver mint below, associated with these Amero coins they are making. --- Amero coins--made illegally in U.S. public mint for a country that doesn't exist, the NAU, that no legislatures in North America have authorized its creation. --- The story is that they are expecting an artificial stock market crash in the USA and intentional bankrupting of the country by internationalists behind Bush to FORCE Amero use. --- Did the Ohio Republican Congressman Gillmor get killed recently on the Amero altar? When he threatened to blow the whistle on mass stock market speculation for this Amero introduction crash of the U.S. economy? He was on the Finance Committee and was investigating a 'put options fortune' of billions by some people that was risked (similar to the money made on 9-11 put options) on a massive downturn in the U.S. stock market. Was Congressman Gillmor about to mess up the financial wealth to be generated in the wake of the Amero introduction? So they killed him? Both stories below.

So upset are the powers-that-be over this expose, they actually CLOSED THE DENVER MINT [where this particular Amero was made] to the public so they can move the AMEROS out without being seen, under higher security!

This from the Denver Mint Web Site:

My story has caused a huge amount of fallout for the folks trying to perpetrate this AMERO switch and they are doing everything possible to spin it, cover it up and say it isn't so.

-- Hal Turner


By: Hal Turner

Three weeks ago, I published a brief snippet on the front page of my web site reporting the governments of the US Canada and Mexico are conspiring in secret to merge the three nations into a new entity called the North American Union.

There has been much talk of this on various internet blogs for over a year. Most of those blogs have been smeared as "conspiracy theorists" and have been largely ignored by the main stream.

What prompted my interest in the issue was money: I was sent professional images of actual AMERO coins by someone in the US Treasury! The person included a note saying they like my radio show and are frightened by what's been going on in secret within our government.

This Treasury Department person was outraged that our country was beginning to coin money as part of a merger that would do away with our country, via a merger the American public knew nothing about!

When I got the professional images of the AMERO coin, I was finally intrigued enough to make mention of it on my web site. My site has gotten over 20 Million visits in the last couple years and is becoming more popular because of the brutal honesty and timely delivery of news that folks don't find elsewhere. This story about AMERO coins would fit my niche of breaking news, so I ran a snippet of a story.

As part of my report, I included the professional images sent to me by the Treasury person. They appear below:

I also mentioned that very pricey "Collector Proofs" of the coins were also being Minted in Silver and Gold, and I posted an image of one such Silver Proof, shown below:

The story went on to say that the US Government has intentionally overspent itself for the purpose of irreversibly Bankrupting the country. The idea is that they will drive the country into economic failure, then when millions of Americans are panicking at the prospect, offer them a solution of merging the three countries as "the only possible way" to avoid losing everything.

They will force Canada into the merger by telling them the US currency they hold and rely upon will be worthless and the only way Canada can even hope to salvage any of the funds is to join the NAU.

They will sell it to the Mexican people by saying it will instantly improve their buying-power and quality of life.

In reality, the value of the US and Canadian dollars will be significantly reduced to counter the worthless peso being absorbed. People in the US and Canada will suffer great financial loss while Mexicans will see significant gain. In the meantime, the financial elite and the politicians they own will make out like bandits!

That's the reason politicians are doing this: to get rich for themselves and their financial elite pals.

The folks in power within government and their buddies in Banking and finance know that in any currency switch, some lose big while others gain big. Really big! In fact, folks with foreknowledge of such a switch can make hundreds-of-millions, perhaps even billions for themselves overnight. Those without foreknowledge (common folks like you and me) usually end up being wiped out.


I published the images and the small story and went to bed. I had no idea what my little story would do.

Within a matter of hours, there was a full blown effort to discredit my story and the images as fake.

I was accused of lying. I was accused of having "photoshopped" the images by creating them in Adobe Photoshop.

Within a couple days, a basic web site for AMERO "FANTASY COINS" was erected on the internet and word of that site was spread quickly. The site contained the same images as I had run on my front page, so clearly whatever "SPIN" was happening was being driven by others who also had the professional images.

There was intense effort to claim the whole idea of these coins was a fantasy and there was absolutely no truth to them whatsoever. That effort to "spin" the story out of existence worked. Folks quickly lost interest. I did not.

Get me the real thing by any means necessary

I reached out to the person in the Treasury who first alerted me to the coins. That person told me "The shit hit the fan around here when your story ran." The person went on to say "They told everyone in all the Mints that anyone revealing information about the AMERO would be fired and perhaps even criminally prosecuted for endangering national security."

Ahhhh yes, the grand old catch-all of national security. When they wheel that one out, you just KNOW they're pissed off about something!

I told the Treasury person that the only way anyone might believe this is happening, is for me to actually get one of the coins. The Treasury guy balked. He said "there's no way to get one without stealing it."

I though about that for a moment. . . . . then decided that if my government is concealing the actual Minting of coins for a new sovereign entity which may end up with power over me, but which I haven't been told about, then that government deserves whatever gets done to it.

I told the Treasury person to get me an Amero by any means necessary - even if that meant stealing it. The Treasury person said it would require them to think about for awhile and if it could be done, I would get one in the mail.

I waited. And waited. Frankly, after about three weeks, I lost track of the story -- until today. A real AMERO coin arrived at my home in the mail this afternoon!

The real thing arrives!

Today, I received a single 20 AMERO coin in the mail. A real coin. Real metal, really MINTED by the US Mint in Denver, CO. The proof that it is being Minted in Denver is that the coin is stamped with the Mint Identity letter "D" on the bottom right of the side with the eagle just like regular US coins already in circulation today!

Click each image to enlarge it, CLICK TWICE TO SUPER ENLARGE IT!!

Please note the letter "D" stamped below and to the right of the Planet earth at the bottom right of the coin in this photo. That "D" stands for the United States Mint at Denver, CO.


So that you can see this is a real, metal coin, I have made a small video of me holding the coin, turning it, then dropping it on a wooden table top so you can hear what it sounds like when it hits.
Download the Windows Media Video here


I stand vindicated. All those who claimed I fabricated the images now owe me an apology. All those who claimed these were "fantasy" coins can now explain why anyone in their right mind would spend Millions of dollars to create the rare and expensive professional dies and plates necessary for minting coins that will not be issued?

The simple truth is, the coins are real. The plan to merge the US, Canada and Mexico is real. Our government is lying about it and the fact they are minting money at the Denver Mint bearing the name of Union of North America is proof.

So America, Canada and Mexico, our governments are betraying us and planning to merge our countries without our knowledge or consent, or by financial disaster they bring-on intentionally. What are we going to do about it?

For my part, the Second Amendment comes to mind.

-- Hal Turner

17 August 2007 22:05 HRS EDT

Permission to reproduce this page, in its entirety, is GRANTED on condition that it be reproduced in full with the following credit: "Reproduced with permission of The Hal Turner Show, www.HalTurnerShow.com "

4 September 2007 1959 HRS EDT
CNN's "Lou DObbs" Reports President Bush Signed Formal Agreement to End United States as we know it!
Reports our country will become part of the North American Union including Mexico and Canada!


North Carolina has become the first U.S. state to place the logo of the yet-to-be-formed "North American Union" on its official state identification. North Carolina has issued a Driver License bearing the logo of the North American Union.

Gee, now all the morons who screamed at me claiming the AMERO coins were a "fantasy coin" can now go scream at WorldNetDaily too! Maybe you can accuse them of reporting about a "fantasy" driver license? Why not; after all, they have photos of the NAU-ready driver license the same way I had photos of the NAU coins.

Maybe, when everything is in place and you wake up one morning to find America merged into Canada and Mexico, maybe THEN you'll realize I was telling the truth. Until then, stay happy with your head shoved firmly up your ass. You seem to like keeping it there even when the truth is right in front of you.



This article by Carol Wolman puts everything in perspective and connects a lot of dots. Let's keep the pressure on people. Read and share!

9-11-2007- WHAT'S GOING ON?
by Carol Wolman

Source:  http://www.opednews.com/articles/opedne_carol_wo_070911_9_11_2007__what_s_go.htm

Going into Labor Day weekend, there were lots of rumors anticipating a false flag operation, another 9-11. Trainloads of armored vehicles rolled into Houston. The San Francisco Bay bridge closed for three days. Suspicious activity was reported on ferries in Puget Sound. Ominous civil defense exercises are being held in Oregon, as part of Operation Noble Resolve, which also involves military jets flying over New York. An antiaircraft division is ordered to Washington DC.

We made it through the holiday safely.

Then last Wednesday, Congressman Paul Gillmor (R-OH) was found dead in his home. This was reported as a heart attack, until word leaked out that he had blunt trauma to the head and neck.  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20649320/ Now we're being told he fell down the stairs. Gillmor was investigating a series of option trades that are suspicious- someone is betting billions of dollars that the market will fall 50% by September 21st. Even with the housing crisis, it would take a major catastrophe, like a "terrorist" attack, to precipitate such a plunge. As part of his job on the House Finance Committee, Gillmor was investigating this deal. Was he murdered because he was about to reveal something? [LIKELY CONNECTS TO AMERO INTROUDUCTION PROFITEERS? THEY MURDERED GILLMOR ON THE AMERO ALTAR.]

Would this death, on top of the deaths of Senators Wellstone and Carnahan, and the anthraxing of Senators Daschle and Leahy, have a chilling effect on people in Congress? Maybe that's why they're "spineless".
Now we learn that on August 30th, six nuclear warheads were "accidentally" shipped by B-52 from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. (Five arrived, did one get "lost"? Or is someone unable to count?) This violates all military procedure, which requires that nuclear weapons always be shipped on the ground in the continental US, so that if there's an accident, a bomb detonation won't occur. It would take an order from the Commander-in-Chief to put nukes on a plane.

The warheads were reportedly fastened to cruise missiles, which have a range of 1500-2000 miles. Not enough to cross the Atlantic, but enough to hit cities in the US as part of a false flag operation. This scenario is being claimed by "military investigators" on the Hal Turner show, and is making its way around the internet. It's being said the plan was to hit 5 American cities with nuclear weapons over Labor Day weekend in order to install martial law. If so, we have been saved by the grace of God, operating through loyal American whistleblowers, who made the "accidental shipment" of nuclear warheads public.

Now we are told that the entire Air Force will stand down on September 14th, for overhaul and review of procedures.  http://www.airforcetimes.com/news/2007/09/airforce_aircombatcommand_standdown_070807/ Our skies will be unguarded for a day, and our vulnerability has been announced to the whole world. It's an open invitation to America's enemies to attack us. The last stand-down, unannounced ahead of time, took place on Sept 11, 2001. What's planned for Sept. 14th, 2007? Oddly enough, El Al, the Israeli airline, will not be flying planes that day either.

What is going on? One of my most anti-conspiracy friends says he believes it's a giant conspiracy. What do you think? and how can we nip it in the bud?

Let us pray that honest, conscientious, loyal Americans will abort whatever evil plot is in the works, just as someone "outed" the nukes on the B 52 on August 30th. Let us remember that many such evil plots have been headed off- the fourth plane that did NOT hit Congress or the White House 6 years ago (which would have initiated martial law) , the anthrax that did NOT wipe out the whole Senate (thanks to alert postal workers and doctors at the Communicable Disease Center), the lie about "yellowcake from Niger" that was exposed by Ambassador Joe Wilson (at great cost to his wife Valerie Plame, and to all of us who were being protected by her undercover CIA network), and many others.

What to do? Talk about the Sept 14th stand-down and your suspicions, write about it, protest about it. The truth will set us free. God is with us, with We the People. We are being threatened with great harm by those in power who are supposed to be serving us. If we shed enough light, if we make enough noise, if we love our country and our planet, we will finally be able to overthrow the pirates who have hijacked our ship of state, and bring them to justice.

Impeachment now!

In the name of the God of truth and justice, Carol Wolman


Carol S. Wolman, MD is a psychiatrist in Northern California. A lifelong peace activist, she has written extensively on the psychology of our times. She is actively working to impeach Bush and Cheney, and suggests you join or form a local group at  http://impeachbush.meetup.com/ She ran for Congress as a nonpartisan write-in candidate in CA district 1, and is a coordinator of The Longhouse Coalition.


oh, please 13.Sep.2007 09:36

me again

yes, there really are amero coins.

no, the us government doesn't have anything to do with them. they're the work of coin and medallion designer daniel carr, who is having them minted by a private mint and sells them as curiosities.


Daniel Carr and the U.S. Mint have a close working relationship... 14.Sep.2007 00:44


[Some of the current "U.S. state quarters" were once just Daniel Carr's "fantasies"--until he won a competition and it made them official state designs. Some of the U.S. state quarters are Daniel Carr's versions, and in the past the U.S. Mint has personally contacted Daniel Carr in encouragement to submit his designs to become reality.]

Our Mr. Daniel Carr, who claims that 'his Amero fantasy coins are fake' and that Hal Turner was spoofed, is not so willing to admit that his 'fantasy designs' in the past have BECOME official designs for the U.S. Mint.

Full circle fantasy into reality?

From his own webpage:

Daniel Carr's coin resume:

Coin Design History and Resume for Daniel Carr

Daniel Carr received a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado in 1982. He also studied computer graphics and art extensively. He wrote his own digital sculpting computer software which he uses in an innovative process to create coins, medals, and tokens.

* He submitted six designs in a national open design competition for the US Mint's 1993 WWII commemorative coins.

* He proposed Apollo Astronaut designs for the new small-size "golden" dollar coin. The designs were featured on the front page of Coin World on two separate occasions (March 30, 1998 and April 13, 1998 issues).

* He applied for, and was granted, the opportunity to make a presentation at the Dollar Coin Advisory Committee meeting in Philadelphia in 1999. The purpose of the meeting was to decide what woman to portray on the new small-size "golden" dollar. His designs and proposal for Bessie Coleman was tied for second place in the committee's voting behind Sacagawea.

* He created the only unsolicited works to be accepted in the limited invitational design competition for the Sacagawea dollar.

* Daniel Carr's Eagle design was one of seven official US Mint finalists for the Sacagawea dollar reverse.

* He submitted six designs for the Capitol Visitor's Center commemorative coins in the US Mint's limited invitational design competition.

* He was invited by the US Mint to submit designs for all five of the 2001 state quarters. His New York and Rhode Island designs won the competition, and they were used on the actual coins.

* His Rhode Island quarter design was named as the best "trade" (circulating) coin in the world by an international panel of judges for World Coin News' 2001 COTY (Coin Of The Year) awards. It is the ONLY state quarter (so far) to receive such an award.

* In on-line internet polls conducted by Coin World and others, the Rhode Island and New York quarter designs consistently rate among the best of the State Quarter program.

* The state of Maine chose Daniel Carr's design for their quarter in a design contest attracting about 200 entries. The US Mint's final Maine quarter design was based upon this concept.

* An entry by Daniel Carr was, at one point, one of 13 finalists for the Wisconsin state quarter design, out of 5700 entrants.

* An entry by Daniel Carr was one of 10 finalists for the Florida state quarter out of 5000 submissions.

* An entry by Daniel Carr in the official California state quarter design contest was one of 20 finalists, out of over 8000 entries.

* A design by Daniel Carr honoring the 10th Mountain Division was submitted to Colorado and was the basis for one of the five finalists for the Colorado state quarter.

* He has also submitted state quarter designs directly to the following states: Michigan, Texas, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Oregon, and Nevada.

* Daniel Carr was commissioned to design the artwork for fantasy Puerto Rico and Washington DC "state" quarters, along with the controversial "Freedom Tower Silver Dollar" which was marketed by National Collectors Mint (NCM). He does not endorse the Freedom Tower coin.

* He designed the 2004, 2005, and 2006 Gold Pass ski medals for Colorado Ski Country USA.

* His entry in the contest to design the 2006 annual Token and Medal Society (TAMS) medal was chosen as the winner and was used for the medal.

* Daniel Carr's entry in the contest to design the 2006 annual International Society of Silver Art Collectors (IASAC) medal was chosen as the winner.


So what is live and fake anymore, Mr. Carr? When your 'fakes' have become real in the past, with U.S. Mint even inviting you to submit official designs (at least according to him).

When Mr. Carr says, "nah, it's just my fantasy design," he's probably telling the truth--and his fantasies have been made real by the U.S. Mint in the past.


yes, he has done work for the mint 14.Sep.2007 09:27

me again

he's an effing COIN DESIGNER, fer chrissakes! just what kind of organizations do you EXPECT a coin designer to do work for?!? dairies? gravel quarries?


and what is it about you conspiracy kooks that seemingly makes it impossible for you to respond to ANYthing without reposting kilobytes of verbal diarrhea from somewhere else? are you guys congenitally incapable of posting a brief summary in your own words?

HalTurner is a NAZI 14.Sep.2007 19:18

deanosor deanosor@mailup.net

U would nto eblieve him if he told me the sun was shining. He has made up all kinds of things. If they were going to make a new coin, no one would have it until it becoems official. This Amero shit is so ridiculous.The Mexicans and the Canadians, let alone the USAian government wouldn't stand for it. Personally if it raised the standard of living of people in Mexico, i would supprot it in a heartbeat, but no major capitalist would want that to happen.

so called 'fantasy coins' of Daniel Carr...become currency in the USA 15.Sep.2007 05:46


His so called 'fantasies' are in many cases U.S. Mint approved designs later. When you look at the New York and Rhode Island state quarters, you are looking at the handiwork of Daniel Carr.

If Daniel Carr is involved in Amero designs as he admits, you can be sure it is for purposes of making it real.
Carr's so called 'fantasy coin' for Rhode Island...became real currency
Carr's so called 'fantasy coin' for Rhode Island...became real currency
Mr. Fantasy Coin, Daniel Carr, admits U.S. Mint now INVITES his submissions
Mr. Fantasy Coin, Daniel Carr, admits U.S. Mint now INVITES his submissions
Carr's so called 'fantasy coin' for New York...became real currency
Carr's so called 'fantasy coin' for New York...became real currency

Hal Turner as evidence? Think not. 16.Sep.2007 21:45


OMG! You must be right! Lookit here:


His knights of the round table coin must mean that they plan on replacing our government with a Camelot style monarchy!

D is for Denver Mint 22.Sep.2007 04:52


said above: "designer daniel carr, who is having them minted by a private mint..."

No. No private mint is going to put a "D" for Denver on their coins. That "D" is a sign on all Denver based coins in the USA. Turner's contact WAS already noted to be at the Denver U.S. Mint in his original story.

Since we have seen so much other high level treason of the U.S. Government, the Republicans, and the Democrats in the past six years, what is so surprising or unbelievable that the Denver Mint stamps out symbols of the destruction of the USA by 2007? You don't think they would go that far? Wake up. They burned the U.S. Constitution and the whole Bill of Rights. Gone already. What is so strange about treason anymore? It's everywhere. It's all around you. It's the way the relict federal police state of the U.S now works.

Americans are being pushed into being rightless Amerocans.

Bush burned the U.S. Constitution six years ago. They have been destroying the whole U.S. finances for the past six years straight racking up over 600 billion dollars in Iraq alone attempting to bankrupt the country and destroy the American currency as the original article noted above. The claim seems to be this financial debt racked up by the Bush Administration was a well thought out operation to destroy the U.S. by the internationalists behind the Bush administration.

Download and watch the little video of the coin as well. You might be hearing that familiar 'clink' soon, if Bush's destruction of the U.S. and its currency are successful.

After all, they are printing 2007 on these coins.

And see the "D":
D for Denver Mint Ameros
D for Denver Mint Ameros

Daniel Carr's own comments on his "Amero" coin 07.Oct.2007 14:56


The following is taken directly from Daniel Carr's own website (dc-coin.com), concerning the reason why he created his "Amero" medallions:
<I><B>I have received numerous inquiries as to my personal stand on the North American Union (NAU) issue.
My goal with these coins is not to endorse a Union of North America or a common "Amero" currency. I fully support the United States Constitution, and I would not welcome (in any form) a diminishment of its provisions. I expect that these coins will help make more people aware of the issue and the possible ramifications. I leave it up to others to decide if they are in favor of, or against a North American Union. And I encourage citizens to voice their approval or disapproval of government plans that impact them.</I></B>
Source:  http://dc-coin.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWCATS&Category=8