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Student's path to FBI Informant

An FBI undercover informant spun a compelling account Tuesday for a Sacramento federal court jury of how she went from being a 17-year-old Florida college student four years ago to the government's key witness in the trial of a man accused of plotting domestic terrorism.

To shield her true identity and protect her from retribution, the woman testified only as "Anna," the alias she used in her undercover work. The judge knows her real name, as does the defense attorney, who agreed to the unusual procedure.
Dressed in a white suit and pale blue blouse, the dark-haired 21-year-old told her story in a cool, matter-of-fact manner.

She said that in the fall of 2003, as research for a class project, she dressed in "grunge" clothes and mingled with protesters at an international free trade conference.

After she presented a report to the class, the witness recalled, a fellow student who was a state law enforcement officer asked for a copy of the paper she had written about her experiences.

The paper found its way to the FBI in Miami, and she was recruited to infiltrate the "anarchist movement" that consistently has a presence at anti-establishment demonstrations, she said. The bureau's proposition that she report all violent and criminal activity she witnessed at these events "intrigued" her, she said.

"Anna" was instructed "never to assume a leadership role, never suggest anything, and give information only when asked," she testified. She kept in touch with FBI agents primarily by cellular telephone.

Between January 2004 and January 2006, the FBI paid her $31,000 in compensation and $35,000 to cover her expenses traveling the country from protest to protest and from one "anarchist" meeting to another. She said she wore the "dirtiest, smelliest" clothes she could find, dyed her hair every color of the rainbow, and never wore makeup or jewelry.

Her first assignment was the 2004 Group of Eight, or G8, summit in Georgia. The organization is a forum for the governments of eight major countries, including the United States. Its annual summit is attended by the heads of government of the member countries.

"Anna" next was a demonstrator at the Democratic National Convention in Boston and later the Republican National Convention in New York City.

She met the defendant in the Sacramento trial, Eric McDavid, at an "anarchist" conference in summer 2004 in Des Moines, Iowa. The main item on the conference's agenda was "sharing skills on how to spot undercover law enforcement people."

"At that time, I thought he was inconsequential," the witness said of McDavid.

The 29-year-old McDavid, of Foresthill, is charged with conspiring to damage and destroy property, including government facilities, by means of fire and explosives. His alleged targets included a U.S. Forest Service genetics tree lab in Placerville and the Nimbus Dam and nearby fish hatchery in Rancho Cordova.

"Anna" testified that McDavid envisioned a nationwide bombing campaign against perceived enemies of the environment for which he would credit the Earth Liberation Front. The FBI has identified ELF as a terrorist movement dedicated to violent attacks on what its followers believe are symbols of society's destruction and exploitation of the environment.

"Anna" testified that McDavid invited her into his conspiracy, along with Zachary Jenson, a transient and regular on the demonstration circuit who was then 19, and Lauren Weiner, a student at the Philadelphia College of Arts who was then 18.

Wearing a body recorder, driving a car rigged with video and audio recording equipment, and living with the trio in an isolated cabin in Dutch Flat that the FBI wired for video and audio recording before they moved in, "Anna" recorded hours of conversations about possible bombing targets, recipes for homemade explosive devices and the purchase of material needed to make the bombs.

Jenson and Weiner have pleaded guilty for their roles in the conspiracy and are expected to testify against McDavid in return for leniency when they are sentenced.

On Jan. 12, 2006, "Anna" had a bad day. On a trip in her car from Dutch Flat to Auburn a recording device popped out of the dashboard. McDavid cradled it in his hand and looked at it with some curiosity.

She grabbed the device from him and shoved it back in the dashboard and used a profanity to describe her vehicle's mechanical state.

It was especially unnerving because McDavid had once told her he would kill her with the hunting knife he always carried if she turned out to be an undercover law enforcement operative, she testified.

On the return trip, "Anna" ran a stop sign on the Interstate 80 offramp at Dutch Flat and was pulled over by a California Highway Patrol officer, who let her go with a warning.

The others were apoplectic at having been stopped by a law enforcement officer so close to where they were living.

Back at the cabin, "Anna" and Weiner quarreled, and the witness testified she felt like she was being treated as an outsider.

"My stress level was such that I didn't feel like I could continue in my role," she recalled.

That evening she walked to where FBI agents were watching the cabin and told them she didn't believe she could go on. They assured her they would arrest her three companions the next day, and they did.

Photos of Anna 12.Sep.2007 07:38

I c u

Photos from Sacto Rally, believed to portray Anna:

Pics of Anna 12.Sep.2007 09:24


I just found these pictures of her on Indy.

Pics of Anna 12.Sep.2007 09:26


I just found these pictures of her on Indy. I wonder what her real name is......

Pics of Anna 12.Sep.2007 09:30


I just found these pictures of her on Indy. I wonder what her real name is......

Short Story for Children - Bridget O'Bunny, The Snitch Bunny 25.Jan.2008 07:33


Teach your children or students not to be snitches. Here is a short story about a snitch bunny. See attached...

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Anna Davies... 12.Sep.2007 09:12

is a piece of garbage.

It's funny how the corporate media latches on to things like this. It is intriguing how Anna Davies got to be in her position as an FBI informant, but at the same time, sad that no one views that as a bad decision to make. I find it hard to believe that Eric McDavid, fighting for the environment and all living creatures, would threaten to kill a human being with a hunting knife. Obviously, not being there, I don't know what was said or what the context was. But still, it's pretty hard to believe. A bigger story for these fascists to cover would be the fact that Anna Davies did actually incite protests and certain activities. In fact, as an extension of COINTELPRO, it was her JOB to plant seeds and to incite activists. They said for her to never assume a leadership role, but ask many well respected activists who had anything to do with her, who are now in jail or being investigated, and they will probably tell you a different story. One that is more likely to be true. The fact that she claimed to have, "worn the diritiest, smelliest clothes possible" and "never wore any makeup" to infiltrate anarchist groups, should tell you what kind of person she is and how she views people with different views than herself, views that are more truthful and more progressive than you'll ever find on FOX News.

Ed Bradley, A 60 Minutes "journalist" (if you can call him that) recently did an interview with an ALF cell member and it was a disgrace. The ALF member did a good job answering questions, but Bradley was obviously trying to implicate the man with the questions he was asking. He didn't try to understand, he only tried to reinforce the view that the ALF and ELF are terrorists, despite the fact that they have never harmed a human life. The way he asked his questions, you'd think he was interviewing Osama Bin Laden. Interesting, in the transcript, the ALF member was labeled as "CELL LEADER," when the man never claimed to be such nor is it likely that there are such things. You'll never hear Bradley admit to the fact that our government consists of perhaps the biggest terrorists to have ever lived. I wouldn't expect him to, that would just be silly. But I did expect more from him, journalistically speaking. Journalism is supposed to seek the truth. What happened to it? What went wrong?

Bottom line: Screw Anna Davies, and screw the people cooperating with the Fascist Bureau of Investigation. You don't know just how many lives, human and non-human, you're destroying.

What does she look like? 12.Sep.2007 09:17


If she went to all these protests then someone must have taken a picture of her............

What does she look like? 12.Sep.2007 09:17


If she went to all these protests then someone must have taken a picture of her............

Someone 12.Sep.2007 11:20

"Dirtiest and Smelliest" clothes

I outed a police infiltrator several months after an event when I found his picture online as a cop. He too wore dirty and smell clothes. In fact, he was the only one around us wearing dirty and smell clothes. One thing to look for is people that dress and behave the way the establishment thinks and anarchist looks and behaves. Take for example the Quebec cops that infiltrated a demonstration recently in Canada. They were "overly" anarchist in their dress and they even carried rocks around, like a real anarchist would openly do that.

In the personal case I mention above, this guy was always itching for a fight with people who opposed our protest. He was looking for trouble (and trying to cause it).

Never trust someone who just shows up and looks more anarchist than thou and who often suggests violence. I'm not saying violence is always bad, but I am saying that you shouldn't trust someone who suggests it all the time and when it is not likely to be of any good use.

trutitalone 12.Sep.2007 11:29


I saw these posts last year, which is Exactly why I truthitalone.

trust no one. Everyone has a 'motive' of some kind.

observe, don't direct 12.Sep.2007 12:32


They were actually thinking this trial would end by next week... except if you think about the hours of tape recordings they have, I can't imagine that both prosecutors and defense could point out various elements of the dialogue this group had over weeks of time, in such a short amount of time.

If you read the Sacramento News and Review account, apparently 'Anna' was the one proposing attacking the Nimbus Dam, and that the other three talked her out of it. If the defense attorney knows what he's doing, couldn't he pull a bunch of instances out of the tapes where Anna was strongly pushing? It could just get muddied up if they managed it edit it down so that they only have McDavid talking abstractly, and don't show how the girl (she wasn't 20 yet) kept luring them back and telling them they suck for being 'all talk no action', and that they need to get organized and pick a target. Would the FBI actually hand back the complete tapes that show everything? This article backs up that yesterday, there was testimony that Lauren Weiner was arguing with Anna over her insistent timeline that they need to get a plan and start cooking right away.
The article also says that she was given instructions to be a silent observer. Apparently this is not the case at all, but how much doesn't he lawyer have to demonstrate that she pushed?
I'm thinking a jury could understand that this 19 year old had no training and got impatient after devoting years of her life to entrapping people.


This Anna 12.Sep.2007 14:03


This Anna looks like one cold bitch--and I don't like to use the word, even for dogs. I don't think I would have gotten good vibes from her had I met her.

I tried to join the black bloc once at a demo. I dressed the way I thought anarchists did, and I guess I looked pretty silly. People were giving me strange looks, but they let me march and yell with them. In the future, I don't think I'll try to look like the youngsters--I'll just join them in my regular clothes.

Best wishes to everyone--and stay safe.

makes you wonder... 13.Sep.2007 00:01

po boy

about all those anarchist types that can afford to travel the world protesting...

not saying y'all are spies, but there is some behavioral clues we should all be paying attention to.

to 'po boy' 13.Sep.2007 01:39


"all those anarchist types that can afford to travel the world protesting..."

yeah, trainhopping and eating food from the trash is a luxurious lifestyle only the rich and those with FBI expense accounts can afford. busted.

And all these years.... 13.Sep.2007 07:45

Hambone and Resistancebitch

All these years we have been showering and wearing clean clothes ...and we thought we were anarchists. We had no idea that we were supposed to be smelly, dirty and wear no make up. Has everyone noticed that there seems to be an anti-anarchist campaign lately? Portland Indymedia has been full of postings by bathroom destroying "anarchists" and "anarchists" who write about "magic wands" and "witches and warlocks"...it is like there is a concerted effort to make anarchists out to be nothing more than uninformed spoiled kids looking for any reason to destroy things. Makes us wonder who does the editing and decides what gets posted.

The smell 15.Sep.2007 07:47

Dog fart

Was from living under the porch and chewing left over bones all those years, while her mammy was out fuckin all the other dogs in the neighborhood.