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San Diego: Trial Begins for Rod Coronado

Rod Coronado is being prosecuted by the federal government for a public speech he gave in 2003 in San Diego. During a question and answer period following the speech, he was asked about previous direct action he has taken in defense of animals and the environment. The government is employing a rarely used statute to prosecute Coronado that relies on the intent of the speaker to foment criminal activity.

Rod Coronado has been affiliated with many environmental and animal rights organizations, beginning with his work with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in the late 1980's. He stands as an effective and inspiring speaker and writer on the ecological crisis facing current society. Coronado served a 4 _ year sentence for destroying a fur farm in the 90's and more recently, was imprisoned for moving and setting off traps set to harm mountain lions in a wilderness area in Arizona.

The trial starts Monday, September 10, 2007, 9 am with jury selection.


Update 9/12: A court report for Monday and Tuesday is available here.

Update 9/13: An update from Wednesday is available here.

Update 9/14: A court report from Thursday is available here.

Visit Rod's support website here.

Sacramento: First Week of Trial for Eric McDavid

From Sacramento Prisoner Support: "Trial starts on Monday! The first part of the morning will just be jury selection, but we WILL (more than likely) be doing opening arguments in the afternoon. The defense will present their case first- probably taking up the first week, and spilling over into the second. We might be done with argument around the 19th, but it might also spill over into the next week. Then the jury will deliberate... "


About Eric McDavid, from SupportEric.org: "Eric McDavid was arrested in Auburn, CA on January 13, 2006 as part of the government's ongoing Green Scare campaign. He now faces two decades in prison. [...] He was arrested along with Zachary Jenson and Lauren Weiner and all three were charged with "conspiracy to destroy property by means of fire or explosives." The government's case is based on the word of a single FBI informant who was paid over $75,000 to fabricate a crime and implicate the trio."

Urgent Action 9/10: McDavid is being denied both vegan food and commissary by the Sacramento Main Jail. Read more here. Update 9/12: "Eric has finally been given commissary again! This is the first step towards a stable vegan diet for Eric. Please continue to call the jail and request that Eric be given vegan meals."

Update 9/11: Court notes from the first day of Eric McDavid's trial are now available here.

Update 9/12: Court notes from the second day of Eric McDavid's trial are now available here.

Update 9/13: Court notes from day three of Eric McDavid's trial are now available here.