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Olympia: Citizens Talk Back to Baird

After a brief visit to Iraq as part of a Congressional delegation that was wined and dined at the Ambassador's residence, [Representative Brian] Baird came home a convert: the surge was working and the occupation should continue. Immediate withdrawal, he stated, would result in "wholesale slaughter." The reaction in Washington's 3rd district has been strong. Over 500 people stormed his Vancouver town meeting and 200 people were at Longview. They were articulate in their disagreement with Baird. Channeling Richard Nixon, Baird dismissed their concerns, stating he believes that there is a silent majority who supports his position and wants us to win in Iraq.

[Friday, September 7th] A small group of 40 citizens gathered in front of Rep. Baird's Olympia office to respond to his sudden conversion to supporting the war. Baird's office was expecting us. His staff greeted us with cookies and a desire to hear what we had to say. They cleared the parking lot so we could hold our rally. Several of the Veterans for Peace entered the office and began reading the names of the American soldiers killed in Iraq. The others remained outside to talk back to Baird. The speakers were videotaped and a copy will be sent to Baird. The Talk Back to Baird action will continue every Friday in September from noon-2 p.m.
Reading the names
Reading the names
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