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Stop Foster Farms in Canby

Foster Farms one of the nations largest poultry farmers has plans to build 1.5 million chicken factory farm in rural Canby. Over 75 local residents showed up to a June 27th public meeting to voice their concerns over this proposed factory farm. Environmental and economic impact were among the main concerns of the local residents who will be directly impacted the project. A local group Friends of Family Farmers was formed to raise awareness of the take over of small family farms by large industrial factory farming.
Foster Farms, the infamous poultry company, is looking to build a 1.5 million chicken industrial operation in a farming community in rural Canby, OR. Industrial factory farms are taking advantage of the privileges afforded to family farmers. One rural community has been turned on its head as the family farmers and rural residents who live there have learned that an out-of-state corporation has all the rights and they have none. There are over 200 property owners that will impacted by the proposed operation. Voice your concerns for chickens and the community of Canby. Stop Foster Farms on Oak Grove Road in Canby.

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Pic 05.Sep.2007 12:00



Chickens in cages is wrongheaded farming. 05.Sep.2007 15:37


Raising chickens in cages all their lives is concentration camp agriculture. It is similar to the raising of pigs on cement floors that denigns their nature instints to root with their snouts and etc. or cattle in the feedlots that live on the manure all their lives. This so-called modernization of agriculture is in reality the exploitation of the domestic animals who are shot up with drugs, hormones, chemicals of one kind or the other. Domestic animals deserve the best outdoor conditions every day according to their best instincts. Union workers want and need best living and working conditions and so do animals. This destructive way of mass producing alienated animalsmust be ended. Animal liberation is needed and family farms and worker controlled communes is the best way provided all the plants and animals are raised with the organic method of natural agriculture.

* 05.Sep.2007 17:11



the conditions described in these links are the conditions Foster's factory farmed chickens experience. Don't let fucking Foster Farms move in here.

pitch in 05.Sep.2007 20:36


I am sorry I missed the August 28th meeting (see friendsoffamilyfarmers website). Let's give these folks some support. Sounds like we can help them make a difference.

Know what you are talking about.... 08.Sep.2007 16:14

Farmer John

First off caged chickens are laying hens, ones that lay eggs each day. Foster Farms does not have any laying hen facilities. If they are planning to put in fryer ranches, these birds are hatched and kept in a enviromentally controlled shelter to insure they comfort and safety. They can walk around and eat, drink, play and sleep anytime they choose inside the shelter. The shelters are monitored with the latest in high tech controlls to insure that the needs of the chicken are met. I ask you, are your chicken keep with 3 degrees of optimal temperature thoughtout their life on YOUR farm. I doubt it. Probably cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Are your chicken protected from coyotes, skunks or other preditors...? huh. Before accusing a business that is tightly regulated by the USDA onsite at their processing facilities, know what you are talking about. If you can raise chicken and sell them for .59 cents per pound for all to eat, then I will buy your chicken... But I bet you can't.. I don't care what happens, if the communities keep a new business out , I don't care, but KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SAYING IS TO BE TRUE.

I call BS, "Farmer John" - 13.Sep.2007 03:30


Foster Farms engages in factory farming, otherwise known as "confinement farming." The links listed above detail what exactly this means for chickens raised for meat. Your idyllic picture is pure BS. Those chickens suffer from miserable birth to miserable transport to miserable death in a slaughter house.