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imperialism & war

Protest planned in event of attack on Iran?

I am wondering if there's been any talk of protests/uprisings/etc. in the (increasingly likely, it seems) event of a U.S. attack on Iran.
Prior to the "invasion" of Iraq in March 2003, folks had set up a time/place ahead of time. When the day came, everyone knew already to go to the square across from the federal bldg downtown (and many did).

If you do gather 04.Sep.2007 08:56

dont go home

I am serious here- if you want to effect change, with this bunch you are gonna have to go Gandhi on their asses, sit in in the centers of commerce and do not leave until the Bushites go to jail. There has to be a mass of people there over 10,000 to truly pull this off so y'all best get to planning on how to keep them there- not coercion, I mean how to make it easy to stay, like having FNB set up feeding stations and volunteers getting food in, street medics need to be ready for heat injuries and local businesses will have to be found that will open their bathrooms to folks in need of relief...it took over 30 days to work in the Orange Revolution but they had the advantage of being in the capital city. The best we could hope for is to touch off a wave of such acitvity elsewhere and perhaps DC would finally get the message...

Everyone knew what to do because... 04.Sep.2007 11:42

Working Class Mama

a handful of folks made a simple plan and flyered/emailed/publicly posted EVERY where possible. It took a lot of hard work. It would be nice if someone could pick up that ball this time. Don't think it'll just happen on it's own and people will just magically show up. You gotta do the work.

I believe the plan was this: If the bombs drop before 4pm meet in Terry Schrunk Plaza that day at 4pm. If the bombs drop after 4pm meet the next day at 4pm in Terry Schrunk plaza.

YES, we need a plan 04.Sep.2007 12:33

why wait?

I agree with the other poster who suggests that we need to have all kinds of contingencies in place, (food, bedding, toilets, and all that) and make this BIG. We can't let it be just another Sunday afternoon walk (er, march) around the block.
While on the topic of "where" PLEASE don't suggest Terry Schrunk Park.
A more ritualized location that's in sight (and hearing) of the Fed's is just not possible.
Furthermore, the park is hardly visible from the street, and conveniently "contains" any demos held there far away from public view.
Let's have a little imagination this time!!
What about a multi-location demo day?
Unannounced (no news releases), and roving around town?
Many dif. affinity groups could be in lots of significant places at once, instead of roped off by the police into "safe" areas (like in front of the Fed. Bldg at Terry Schrunk).
It's time to up the ante . . . . non-violent direct actions all over the PDX area could be one good answer.

Im down 04.Sep.2007 16:57

Generation Betrayed

If some people want to get together and start working on this I would be more than willing to help. Let me know by replying to this message.

Protests are hopeless 04.Sep.2007 22:33


Forget it. The ONLY remedy is impeachment.

Oh yeah? 05.Sep.2007 01:12

Generation Betrayed

Impeachment has really worked so far hasnt it? I think its funny that people still believe another Democrat or Republican will save them. Hmm, maybe... it has about as much chance as the protests.... wouldnt you say? So how about we stop complaining about tactics and start support all forms because its going to take all forms of resistance, at a much more elevated rate than when its at now, to bring any sort of change.

agreed 05.Sep.2007 23:49

classical strategist

I think long-term planning is also key. After the last invasion the police have probably adapted and have a task force drawing up possible scenarios. I hope there will be multiple contingency plans, so if one fails people can transition into the next.