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What's Not To Like About A General Strike?

What are YOU doing on September 11th? May I suggest something? The vast potential of the American people still lies untapped. The time has come to unleash it. The technique is well-known in most foreign countries, though not here. But it's actually quite simple. It's called a General Strike.
When I say "General Strike", I mean it's for all of us. You don't have to be a General to take part. What is it against? That's up to each of us. It can be against Torture, against the War in Iraq, against the 9/11 Coverup, against False Flag Terror in general, against the shredding of the Bill of Rights, against the destruction of our Electoral System, against the privatization of America's military, against the corruption of our Mainstream Media, against a regime powered by multi-million dollar "Public Diplomacy" campaigns, against rampant anti-democratic Globalization, against rule by Secrecy and Lies, against unlimited warrantless Surveillance... It can be against any or all of these things, and many more. But it can't be against everything! It also needs to be for something -- more than one thing, if possible. We could do it for our Children, we could do it for our Country, we could do it for Humanity, we could do it for Peace, we could do it for Justice, we could do it for 9/11 Truth, we could do for Truth in Media, we could do it for habeas corpus, we could do it for the Bill of Rights... We could do it for any or all of these reasons, and many others. If you can't think of a reason, do it for me! Make yourself a sign that says "Google Winter Patriot" and carry it around with you on the 11th of September. Why not? I'm just kidding, of course. But we need to keep spreading vital truths to people who don't have enough. We need to get visible. We need to see how many of us there are. And we need to make a statement, even if that statement is only "We've had enough!" It doesn't have to be fancy. It doesn't have to be complicated. We don't need to converge on Washington. Not yet, anyway. At the moment we can make more impact elsewhere. We can actually make the most impact without going anywhere. This is not about travel. It's about gridlock. What if we all stop working? What if we all stop going to school? What if none of us spends a nickel? Do you think anyone would notice? Of course they would. Would it hurt us? Sure. But in the long run it might do us more good than harm. When I say "this is not about travel", I'm not saying we should all stay home. If you can get to Washington, that's great. You'll have company. If you can get to New York City, that might be even better. The sight of 9/11 Truth taking over Ground Zero has inspired a lot of good work. It would be great to be part of it this year. But if you can't get to DC or NY, that's fine too. If you can get to your state capital, head for the government buildings. Otherwise just go downtown. Wear orange. Be seen. Carry a sign: "Peace Through Justice". "Inside Job". "Stop The War". "Paper Ballots, Hand Counted". "Google Winter Patriot". Or whatever. We need to get active, and get visible, and watch our numbers grow. And we need to think about doing it again ... soon ... for as long as necessary. We'll never know what can happen until we try. And if we don't try, we don't deserve to live in a free country. In my opinion, if we don't try, we deserve to live in Iraq! Surely the Iraqis don't deserve it. So let's see what we can do to stop the war ... at the very least. You can read more at strike911.org and/or truthaction.org. You can find out what's happening in your area here. If you know of other sites that might be useful in organizing ourselves, please post the URLs here. As always, I thank you for your cooperation. Oh yeah; I almost forgot: I was only partly kidding about the sign. It doesn't have to say "Google Winter Patriot". But you do need a sign. Your sign can protect you from the heat-ray weapon the Pentagon calls "Active Denial". Click here before you build it. One final, personal, note, if I may: This is not something we can or should do out of hate, or anger, or fear. Surely we all feel anger and fear, and many of us feel hate. That's ok in my view. Considering the circumstances, that's entirely understandable. But that's not what this is about. And it won't help us build anything useful, either. In my humble opinion, Stephen Stills had it right 35 or 40 years ago. He put it this way:
You know we got to do it, we got to keep on keeping on 'Cause if we don't do it, nobody else is gonna. But you know if we can't do it with a smile on our face, You know if we can't do it with love in our hearts, Then, children, we ain't got no right to do it at all. 'Cause that just means we ain't learned nothin' yet, And we're supposed to be some kind of different.

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umm, err, there are some things not to like 05.Sep.2007 15:06

for starters...

...the people putting this on have no idea what a general strike even is, really. It's a tactic employed to much avail in Spain around the time of the civil war. And a really important thing to note is, a general strike has to be planned a long time in advance. VERY few people feel such an affinity for the 9/11 truth movement as to entrust them to the possibility of being fired. Should they trust them? What happens if I don't show up to work and get fired? Will 9/11 truth pay my rent until I can get another job? Will they feed families? Will they even be able to deliver a coherent enough message across to the politicians as to make my risk worthwhile? I think not. If those DVDs you pass out are any indicator, I don't think you've got anything to say at all. You start talking about the patriot act, and just when it looks like you're going to make a point, you're talking about the illuminati, and shrouding the 9/11 issue with the mystery of "did planes even hit buildings at all?". In a word, rediculous. Count me out.