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Foreshadows of "The Kennebunkport Warning"

Captain Eric H. May, the Internet intelligence writer, wise in on the controversy surrounding The Kennebunkport Warning, which has been a non-stop item of conversation in the web since its publication Monday.
Foreshadows of "The Kennebunkport Warning"

By Captain Eric H. May
Military Correspondent

The Kennebunkport Warning is short and strident at 200 words. It has been posted widely on the Internet, and in last week's edition of The Lone Star Iconoclast.  http://www.lonestaricon.com/absolutenm/anmviewer.asp?a=1801&z=169 Since then, though, it has come under sustained fire from a swiftboat attack aimed at its authors and signers, and even its word choices. Every aspect of the document has been called into question -- except its content.

It warns that soon the Bush administration may stage another 911 at home, or a Gulf of Tonkin incident abroad, to justify domestic dictatorship and a war on Iran.

One of the document signers, Webster Tarpley, published "Cheney determined to strike US with WMD this summer" on July 21, and it contains most of the evidence upon which The Kennebunkport Warning is based. I agreed with Tarpley. On July 22, a day later, my own "Next 9/11, Summer 2007?" was published, and made the same argument.

I'd like to say that we were the first to develop the thesis of a soon-to-come false flag attack followed by dictatorship and world war, but we weren't. I can name at least four prominent Americans who beat us to it:

Texas Congressman Ron Paul was quite direct in his January 11 speech to the US House of Representatives: "I am concerned," he said, "that a contrived Gulf of Tonkin- type incident may occur to gain popular support for an attack on Iran." For years Paul has been saying that post-9/11 contrivances such as the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Agency and the US Northern Command, if not abolished, will result in our loss of civil liberties and the establishment of a US dictatorship.

Colonel Ann Wright, a former diplomat and retired Army Reserve officer, gave an April 16 speech at Brown University. In it she decried the massive buildup of US naval forces in the Persian Gulf. "There will be a war there," she said, adding "the United States will cook up something and say 'the Iranians did this to us, so we've got to retaliate.'"

Cindy Sheehan, the peace mom and congressional candidate, also sounded the alarm. In his July 12 article, "Sheehan: Distinct Chance Of Staged Attack, Martial Law", Paul Joseph Watson quoted Sheehan's remarks from The Alex Jones Show:

"I definitely think that is a distinct possibility, that there will be some kind of attack whether it's manufactured or real....I think it's really possible that these people will do that - why would he [Bush] put in that presidential directive if he didn't need to use it - I think it's really really frightening."

She was referring to National Security Presidential Directive 51, signed into effect May 9, by which Bush can assume control of all federal, state and local government in the aftermath of a natural disaster or mass-casualty terror attack.

Oregon Congressman Peter Defazio, in an interview published by The Oregonian July 20, complained that the White House had refused his request to see the secret details of NSPD 51. "Maybe the people who think there's a conspiracy out there are right," he said. DeFazio, a House Homeland Security Committee member, later joined with Committee Chairman Bernie Thompson to co-author a letter requesting permission to read the whole directive. The White House refused again. The congressman noted that this was the first time in 20 years he had been refused access to an official document.

So Ron Paul, Ann Wright, Cindy Sheehan and Peter Defazio deserve full credit for preceding Webster Tarpley and me in making the points used in The Kennebunkport Warning. No doubt each of them has come under attack for his or her courageous words, but steadfastness in adversity is what defines character.

End note: 911 Blogger has posted a photo of the original document, with signatures:  http://www.911blogger.com/files/001-close-up.jpg

# # #

Captain May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer. His political and military analyses have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, the Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine.

(Email)  captainmay@prodigy.net

(Location) Houston, Texas

(URL) www.ghosttroop.net

document NOT 01.Sep.2007 20:21


From a reliable source I'm told Cindy Sheehan and crew did NOT sign any such warning. It is made-up. Author could be struck with forgery and fabrication.

This is a FRAUD 01.Sep.2007 20:41

pdx911action pdx_911action@yahoo.com

We are dropping "hoax" as the intent seems to be deliberate and malicious.

We will write our own article about how three internet Truthers have, over the last several days, helped expose this fraud. For those who still "want to believe"...and it's understandable if you do:

Remember, the first text versions of this "warning" had Cynthia Mckinney's name TYPED across the top as the first person to sign. Later scans of the actual signatures DID NOT include a signature by McKinney. Marshall tryed to explain this away saying he had talked to her and she had given him a verbal endorsment. Nonetheless, her name was typed in such a way that any reasonable person would expect that she had signed it.

That part was either a deliberate deception or a phenomonal gaff for which Marshall owes the rest of us, and McKinney, an apology. NO ONE should have typed Mckinney's name knowing she had not signed it.

May is an Anti-Semite 01.Sep.2007 20:57

9/11 Truth

which means his credibility is NIL and he is one giant liability to 9/11 Truth:


Here are some "highlights":

"Hollywood Jews...Jewish film industry...mainstream Jewish media...the 'Jewish number 12'...Jewish Hollywood...Jewish screenwriter..."

Anti- Zionist and Pro-Truth efforts just cannot afford this crap. Could someone please tell Portland Nuclear Inquest (his group) and the Oregon Truth Alliance, Inc. (many of whose members are in PNI as well and who pimp him all over their site)?

Kennebunkport Warning 01.Sep.2007 22:53


Dr. Jim Fetzer of Scholars for 9/11 is responsible for helping start the Kennebunkport Warning and it is a true document. He was on the Webster Tarpley show talking to him about it last Thursday evening. Listen to the interview on GCN. Read Dr. Fetzer's article here.  http://www.opednews.com/articles/opedne_jim_fetz_070830_scholars_endore__22the.htm The document is NOT a Hoax. I haven't established why there are signatures on it that are incorrect or withdrawn, but the document itself is true. Someone is trying to mess with it and discredit it, but it is a true document. Dr. Jim Fetzer is well known and respected as is Webster Tarpley. The say the document is true. I'm waiting for answers on the signatures and it will be reported here.

Wrong 01.Sep.2007 23:28


The above post on Watcherfiles is a complete fabrication and doesn't even sound like Capt May. He doesn't use all those exclamation marks or language used on that page. Don't fall for these people who want to discredit Capt May or the Oregon Truth Alliance. His work back to 2003 is available to the public to read all they want and you will realize this isn't Capt May's style. Thank you.

Re: Wrong 02.Sep.2007 00:24

pdx911action pdx_911action@yahoo.com

You may need to readjust your opinion after viewing this exchange at the 911TruthPortland yahoo group:


It seems that the leader of the Oregon Truth Alliance, Ginny Ross, is well aware Captain Dis-May is an anti-semite and has no compunctions against working with him.

I must recluctantly conclude that Ms. Ross is a naive fool.

Fetzer + May = flakes 02.Sep.2007 02:09


c'mon folks ... even if you / we want to call ourselves '9/11 truth' or whatever,

all it takes is common sense to see that far-right super-duper-ultra-Zionists-to-blame-100%-obsessed (a healthy smidge of Zionist distrust being just fine though), and "Jew"-obsessed dolts don't belong in this movement - or any other self-respecting group for that matter.

Fetzer has already been well discredited, elsewhere and he can now stew in his own juice.

as to "Kennebunkport statement" blah de blah - who gives a fuck at this point? if the nuke goes off - sooner or later - it'll likely be without any warning whatsoever. Only thing to do is to keep on spreading awareness about WTC 7, tower implosions, etc. far and wide with the most credibility and consistency possible.

Slamming Capt. May 02.Sep.2007 03:57

theresa mitchell

I looked at the document cited regarding Capt. May's "anti-semitism," and I suggest others do so. I found Capt. May's work useful in exposing Noble Resolve, so I was concerned to read that he might me anti-semitic.

Using an "edit find word" search, I looked at each usage of "Jew" and "Jewish." Most (as you will see) are attached to "Cabalist" in reference to numerological deconstruction. I don't know how much weight to attach to such research, but Kabala mysticism does use numerology, and the Kabala is Jewish.

More troubling is the phrase "Jewish film industry." But is this an anti-semitic paranoiac phrase, as one might expect from a right-winger attempting to state that all Hollywood films are Jewish, or a reference to the undisputed fact that many film producers are Jewish? If it is the latter, I would criticize it as clumsy word usage in view of the existence of true anti-semitic rants. When I identify rabidly militaristic Zionists like Ariel Sharon in my writings, I am careful to point out his violent polarization, since there are indeed many who would point to the failings of any Jew, and use it for illogical, racist fodder.

And on the other hand, there are Jews who point to any criticism of Zionism and Israel as anti-semitic. AIPAC is a deadly force for warmongering in the US Congress; that's a statement of fact, not anti-semitism. Capt. May sees such forces at work in parts of Hollywood. I haven't done the work on Hollywood and don't know if that's true.

I'd have to see more evidence than this before smearing Captain May as an anti-semite.

Debunking the HOAX claim -- an eyewitness account [from Daily Kos] 02.Sep.2007 06:03

Captain May captainmay@prodigy.net


Dear Editor,

I ran Camp Alex (Camp Casey Two) out of my farm during the Aug. 24-26 Peace Rally in K'port, Maine. I can verify the legitimacy of the Kennebunkport Warning. Many of us at the camp signed it--I saw the one with Sheehan and the others while it was in the process of being signed-before, during and after. It was the same as the one we all signed, which is posted on 911blogger.

I had at least 75 campers stay here who would probably be able to attest to their awareness of the document and many would be able to share their evidence, if they chose to get involved, to prove that the document was authentic. Fifty of us heard Bruce speak about it while we were waiting to board the bus to go to the peace rally. We were all, it seemed to me, in general agreement about the dire state of the nation due to the Cheney faction.

We were mostly all together at camp during much of the time when it was being signed at camp and many of us were witnesses to it being signed by others at the rally-- myself included, as I had a stage pass and was there at the stage tent when they were being asked to sign. There are pictures on the web which will verify my presence, talking to Kucinich's staff person, Michael Klein.

Based on emails I have received, it is obvious to me that the big name people are afraid, but I believe that they should not defame those who asked them to sign the petition.

In my view, this accusation of falsified documenting casts a cloud of suspicion over the brave efforts of those signators who are standing by their decision to sign the petition. I stand with those who signed it who are not backing down.

Laurie Dobson

U.S. Middle East Policy is Anti-Semitic 03.Sep.2007 12:26


Arabs and Jews are being turned against each other and Gentiles are being turned against both Arabs and Jews. This is purposeful, and we need to resist.

Thanks to those who have spoken out against this. I thought I was the only one.

It seems to me 04.Sep.2007 11:37

Jody Paulson

the Kennebunkport warning is a hoax akin to the "Killian documents" [  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rathergate ] that were used to wreck Dan Rather's career. No matter that the main idea they serve to bolster is true, the fact that the documents themselves are demonstrably false is enough to wreak havoc on the credibility of those who seek the truth.


anti-semite? 02.Sep.2007 19:29

over used

Semetic people are arabs,  http://www.wsu.edu/~dee/ISLAM/PRE.HTM : its ironic is it not.

Zionist propagandist have really had a coup on redefining its meaning in the last few decades.

Indeed Israel stands as anti-semetic.