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There is NO EXCUSE for Anti-semitism in 9/11 Truth activism

And really there is no excuse for Anti-semitism in ANY activism, but it does seem 9/11 activists need reminded of this the most. This article is based on a response I felt was neccesary on a yahoo-group I contrubute to.
To all my fellow 9/11 activists, in the USA and abroad, and all our allies in the Peace and Anti-War Movement:

I wish to apologize on behalf of some naive Truthers who have been seduced by the "Big Tent". That is to say, they believe they must accept any alliance that comes to them, no matter how odious, or else 9/11 Truth will fail.

What they miss is that, by tolerating the intollerable, they are ensuring 9/11 Truth WILL fail. We will fail with that strategy because it will make effectuive alliances with the anti-war movement..whose goals we share...impossible.

As someone said in a comment in another thread at PIM, there are innumerable people we can reach out to who are NOT racist, anti-semitic, homophobic or what not. Have the Left-gatekeepers made them shy of the Truth Movement? Absolutely. And that is all the more reason to show what frauds the gatekeepers are by reaching out to the Left community and demonstrating, BY OUR WORDS AND DEEDS, that 9/11 Truth is alive in the Left and we will not allow right-wing deleusional fools to take it over. Nor do we see any need to ally ourselves with open Anti-semites like Captain Eric May.

Unfortunately, that is not true of Ginny Ross and the groups she runs. Sadly, she is too naive to see the trap that the opposition has laid if she or her groups ever get national television coverage.

A quote:

"Speaking personally, there is much that I disagree with in Eric May's
work, particularly some of his statements about Oregonian staff writer
Joseph Rose. His anti-semitism is also plain to see .... My time is limited and I plan to focus my communications directly with Eric May about the more pressing matter of his interactions with the media in Oregon."

What Ginny Ross does not understand is that helping an anti-semite in his media interactions will only increase the chances his racist position will dominate the discourse and taint anyone who helped him.

9/11 Truth IS NOT a safe haven for anti-semites. Or anyone else who feels they must boost their ego by putting others down. I extend this invitation to all those reading who support 9/11 Truth, and who have ZERO tolerance for hate mongering of any sort, to come to the Central Library on September 11th, 2007 for a showing of:

The Fall '01

Where: U.S. Bank Meeting Room
Central Library, first floor
801 S.W. 10th Ave.
Portland, OR 97025
When: Tuesday, September 11 @ 1:15pm

About the film:
A choreographic multimedia drama on terror, war and torture,
depicting the wholesale dehumanization of the Global War of Terror -
a civilization at the precipice of its fall - not for the faint of
heart. Duration: 45 minutes.

Punishment Park
About the film:
1970. The war in Vietnam is escalating. There is massive public
protest in the United States and elsewhere. President Nixon declares
a state of national emergency and the federal authorities are given
the power to detain persons judged to be "a risk to internal
security". Duration: 90 minutes.

I didn't mean for this article to become a promotion for these films on the anniversary of September 11th, but the sorry state of the matter is we need you...peace activists, anti-war activist, human rights activists of all sorts. We will not win without you.

Conversely, you will not win without us...that is, none of the worthy goals you are working for have a chance of succeeding until 9/11 is taken away from the Neo-con regime. Until their cuplability in 9/11 is exposed, they have no reason to allow you to succeed. 9/11 is NOT a distraction. It is the KEY to ending wars...forever.

See you all on the 11th! We hope to have a table there.


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