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Grassroots anti-biodiesel in Scappoose?

My boyfriend was recently driving through Scappose when he noticed at least a dozen signs saying "no garbege factory here" and "biodiesel can explode."
The signs were all professionally made in a sign shop. I called a friend who used to work in a sign shop, it musta costed at least $400 for all those signs, just the ones he saw running through town.

We've been using biodiesel99 for years with no problems sofar, and are even working on our own appleseed processor in the backyard.

Who is funding this anti biodiesel fervor?

My boyfriend said that Scappose (I've never beeen there) was full of big diesel rigs and gas stations.

Somebody feel threatened?

I didn't know the opening of a biostation involved so much community review.. I've had a house of prostitution open up 2 blocks from my house with no one asking me about it.

I've thought about taking pictures of the cars in the lot, looking up the licence numbers, and posting them somwhere to shut that place down. It makes me sick, about a third of the time I walk by to go to the store someone offers me money for sex. That never happened before the whack shack went up there and my jeans-and-baggy-teeshirt wardrobe hasn't changed. Anywhoo thats a different article altogether.

WTF with all the antibiodiesel signs?