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Bust visits Seattle/Bellevue, WA (Video Footage)

WeareCHANGE Seattle greets the illegitimate president on his way to the Bellevue Hyatt hotel. Many people from the NW including members from Portland 9/11 Truth came out to show their true feelings towards Bush. Eric B. video tapes, while John Karlo bullhorns, and leads a chant with "9/11 was an inside job".
embedded content: http://www.youtube.com/v/CAIIz4HiwWU

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homepage: homepage: http://www.wearechangeseattle.org

Inspiring Video 30.Aug.2007 04:35


I just put an inside job sticker on my car and it feels good to have rednecks glare at me at stoplights. We live in a fascist state run by puppets for the New World Order and I truly believe the bumper sticker won't last long. I fear checkpoints by brownshirts and mass electronic surveillance. I fear internment camps run by Wackenhut. I fear an unending war in Eastasia. Mostly I fear ignorance by my brothers and sisters who glare at me at those stoplights.