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Sicko, the Movie

I saw Michael Moore's movie tonight and want to encourage everyone to see it. Here is my brief review.
I am currently fighting my insurance company who is trying to deny coverage for knee surgery I had in January. I'm facing about $10,000 in bills if they don't pay for a "preexisting" condition never diagnosed by a doctor. Which is exactly what this movie is about.

We all know that 50 million Americans lack health insurance. But the movie's message is directed at those who have insurance by showing how for-profit insurance companies work overtime to deny coverage. The movie was at times funny, sad, and inspiring. At times I got extremely pissed. Our health care system is a fucking joke. I have been advocating single-payer since 1991 and it's hard to believe that after 16 years, we seem no closer. Perhaps this movie will help.

Over and over Michael Moore visited other countries to show medical systems delivering top-notch care to all citizens for FREE. No bill. No discussion about money. No insurance companies. No profit motives.

The movie is currently playing at the historic Hollywood Theatre. Cost is $6 for the full-price showings. Grab some friends and go see this movie. Finally, if a politician doesn't support UNIVERSAL health care, DON'T VOTE FOR THEM. PERIOD!!!!

"single payer" - learn these words to use with "universal" 30.Aug.2007 00:17

y.o.y.o. health plan member (you're on your own )

3 cheers to author of this article. Thanks. Don't believe the jerks who pan michael moore's movies - he seems to do his homework and turns it in on time, which is more than most of us can say. Just wanted to add that we need to be impeccable in our language and always specify "single-payer" because you know how a small vagueness WILL be exploited!