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New HOMELAND SECURITY tower at Council Crest?

Parks Commissioner Dan Salzman has given the go-ahead for the Department of Homeland Security to replace an outmoded communication tower (should be torn down, it is a PARK after all) at Council Crest Park with a new one that they will use for "public safety"
Since when should our park lands be subjugated for use by Homeland Security?

Please read this link and pass on to all interested observers.

The notice of public hearing on August 28th was not widely advertised. All concerned citizens should request another public hearing.

Here is the link to the info about the new tower proposal:

< http://www.portlandonline.com/omf/index.cfm?&c=44466>


evidently not 03.Sep.2007 15:58

Elko Nevada

The documents cited on the city's website make no mention of any federal agency but the FCC. But nonetheless...

It IS deeply disturbing that the gratuitous use of the phrase "homeland security" is now creeping into city documents to refer to plainjane local public safety agencies. Here is a letter I wrote to them:

Regarding the use of the phraseology "homeland security", whether capitalized or lowercase (see the documents at  link to www.portlandonline.com), I'm writing to vigorously protest the use of this gratuitous little bit of contemporary Orwellian Newspeak. This is a highly objectionable and unnecessary use of language. First of all, on purely practical grounds, it risks creating enormous, completely unnecessary misunderstandings and swift public outrage. For an example, please consider the Portland Indymedia article, "

New HOMELAND SECURITY tower at Council Crest?",

 link to portland.indymedia.org,

You have now misled thousands of Portlanders into imagining that the US federal Ministry of Homeland Security is rebuilding a tower on Council Crest!!! And I venture that not a few of them will feel an instant sense of outrage and betrayal at the thought of the city authorizing such a thing in a public park. But the documents you have online make no reference to any federal agency aside from the FCC, and I can see no evidence so far that the facility is being used for anything but local emergency first responders.

Second of all, it is totally unnecessary, because the already well established, traditional term "Public Safety" exists and is fully adequate to describe the purposes of this construction.

Last of all, this is not "politically neutral" jargon, but is a very recent, highly charged addition to contemporary US bureaucratese, and it strongly implies an endorsement of the current political regime based on fear and hysteria about largely nonexistent "terrorism", which is in turn being used to justify the erosion of all or most of our most cherished Constitutional rights and civil liberties, as well as the enrichment of corrupt private business entities such as Halliburton that are closely tied to criminally implicated officials of the current federal regime. Such an implicit endorsement of highly controversial policies (the "Patriotic" Act was officially condemned by the Multnomah County Commission, for example) is completey inappropriate in our city.

I thank you in advance for relaying my concerns to the appropriate parties.