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American Soldiers Killed since August 10th

While Bush continues to ask for billions more to fund the Iraq occupation and Baird somehow thinks that winning a bad war makes sense, American soldiers continue to be killed. No matter how many times they repeat the lie that things are getting better, these soldiers, as well as the many Iraqis killed, show the truth. It is time to admit that the invasion was wrong and that the Iraqis are successfully resisting American occupation. No more people should die because Bush, Baird, et al lack the strength to admit we lost. Of course, it was never clear what winning would actually look like in Iraq--other than getting access to their oil. And the Iraqi government are resisting that too.
Date Name
07/29/07 Richards, Jack D.
08/26/07 Morley, Joshua L.
08/26/07 Willis, Tracy C.
08/26/07 Ramirez, Rogelio A.
08/25/07 Medlicott, Matthew S.
08/24/07 Heringes, David A.
08/23/07 Tully, Michael J.
08/23/07 Elizalde, Adrian M.
08/22/07 Cardenas, Edgar E.
08/22/07 Torres, Omar E.
08/22/07 Tallman, Matthew L.
08/22/07 Flynn, Paul J.
08/22/07 Tyler, Corry Paul
08/22/07 Bell, Rickey L.
08/22/07 Bouffard, Jeremy P.
08/22/07 Seideman, Tyler R.
08/22/07 Dobogai, Derek A.
08/22/07 Paton, Jason L.
08/22/07 McLead, Garrett I.
08/22/07 Pollard, Jessy G.
08/22/07 Brodnick, Phillip J.
08/22/07 Hook, Michael A.
08/22/07 Harmon, Joshua S.
08/22/07 Hubbard, Nathan C.
08/21/07 Britt, Sandy R.
08/21/07 Witham, Donovan D.
08/19/07 Fielder, Michael S.
08/17/07 Edds, Jonathan W.
08/16/07 Powell, Willard M.
08/16/07 Norris, Paul B.
08/16/07 Block, Kamisha J.
08/15/07 Pirelli, Robert R.
08/15/07 Samuels, Princess C.
08/15/07 Walker, Zandra T.
08/14/07 Johnson, Christopher
08/14/07 McFarlane Jr, Jackie L.
08/14/07 Fisher, Sean P.
08/14/07 Reynolds, Stanley B.
08/14/07 Jewell, Steven R.
08/14/07 Hensel, Shawn D.
08/13/07 Cottrell, Eric D.
08/13/07 Lopez Jr., Juan M.
08/13/07 Pacificador, Paulomarko U.
08/13/07 Howells, Alun R.
08/11/07 Scates, William D.
08/11/07 Kirkpatrick, Scott L.
08/11/07 Lancaster, Andrew W.
08/11/07 Penrod, Justin O.
08/11/07 Edwards, William L.
08/10/07 Duran, Joan J.