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New Grand Jury Victim

A Spokane anarchist named Travis Riehl is being brought before a grand jury because of his alleged involvement in the tagging of a military recruiting station.
Travis Reihl
Travis Reihl
Spokanne Recruiting STation
Spokanne Recruiting STation
A Spokane anarchist named Travis Riehl is being brought before a grand jury because of his alleged involvement in the tagging of a military recruiting station. As evidence, the fucking state claims that pictures of the action were posted on Riehl's group, SLAC's myspace page. The picture also had the camera it came from embedded in it, and the camera was found upon searching Riehl's house. They also have an audio recording, though what it specifically says, and how it came to exist (phone tap, mic in his house, fed wearing a wire) is unknown, but police say he also claimed on the audio recording to know who was responsible for a Hummer being burned in 2004, an action the ELF took credit for.

A video interview done with a local news station can be found at  http://www.kxly.com/news/?sect_rank=1&section_id=559&story_id=13801

In the video, Reihl speaks about his belief in property destruction, his organization's beliefs and structure, and his personal ideology. Reihl is being criticized on various anarchist and leftist sites for being a braggart about the actions, and for giving the corporate media more info than they need... info which could potentially be used in a later court case to implicate himself and his group members. A previous poster on indymedia had this to say:

"This should be another example of why being a braggart only lands you in prison. With the green scare, grand jury inditements, and snitch culture poking it's ugly head into our scene, we can't afford to lose anymore soldiers. keep your lips sealed!"

For more info on grand juries, visit these links
 http://www.nocompromise.org/issues/06crushgj.html (no compromise article)
 http://www.notinourname.net/restrictions/grand-jury-9feb04.htm (not in our name article)
 http://greenscare.org/ (info about the green scare, and the grand jury defendants involved.

Embedded question 29.Aug.2007 15:10


how was "what camera" that the picture was taken from embedded into the picture?

Just curious?

It's called EXIF information 29.Aug.2007 16:15

me again

It's a way for cameras to embed certain pieces of information (camera model, time, date, aperture setting, shutter speed, even possibly camera serial number) into the "comments" field of an image file.


The Linux "rdjpgcom" command can be used to print these comments (at least some of them). The "strings" command will search for and dump out any strings (defined as runs of 4 or more printable characters) it finds in a non-text file and can also be useful.

Pretty basic stuff, and something anyone attempting to upload photos anonymously should be aware of.

Oh, and... 29.Aug.2007 16:25

me again

There's a Linux "wrjpgcom" command that can be used to set the comments field of a JPEG file.

Also, if one downloads and installs an image-editing program like The Gimp (see:  http://www.gimp.org/), one can use that to read in a JPEG file and save the image therein a completely different file (minus incriminating EXIF info).

He obviously has not heard of the old saying 30.Aug.2007 07:41

Learn It, Live It, Love It

"Loose lips sink ships." Whatever. Too bad.

Helpful information 30.Aug.2007 10:46


thank you I will look into the links you passed along

And again.... Thanks for explaining this aspect