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No Funds For War Pledge - Rally Today Outside Wyden's Office -

Pictures of the "No Money For War" rally outside Senator Wyden's today
I didn't count but there were quite a few out on the sidewalk to rally support behind NOT FUNDING THE WAR

About 5 people went inside (no cameras no signs) to tell the Senators office not to approve funding for the war

Numerous Independent cameras filming outside on the sidewalk

I also seen note takers and a "one" microphone ..but "NO" (sic)Corporate Media on-site?

Peaceful crowd - peaceful police - 3 by the door (in black uniforms) 3 on the sidewalk (blue uniforms)

Lots of signs, Lots of cars & trucks honking, Lots & Lots of pledge cards stretching up and then back down the block

One 911 Truth Sign

2 mock coffins were carried

And speeches were delivered at the beginning of the rally

Next week it is at Blumenauer's Office then the following Wednesday's it will be moving to the other Oregon Senators

(FYI - it was mentioned at this rally that Blumenauer just signed on to "NOT FUND THE WAR")

It sounds like he just signed the pledge card to vote no like we were rally these Representatives to do

The Rally today was on the Federal Building Front steps and Terry Shrunk Plaza

This rally and the next ones all are at 12 noon - 1 PM (WEDNESDAYS)

My video to this event will be coming here (on Indy Media) and on PDX Coalitions website as well as Joe-Anybody's site

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

impeach action 29.Aug.2007 17:32


We continue to lobby " Rep" Earl Blumenauer on Thursdays in front of his office on 729 NE Oregon street, from 12 noon to 2 PM, to sign on to HR 333 and IMPEACH THE CRIMINALS BUSH AND CHENEY. Come join us tomorrow.