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911 in 4 Weeks

$ 4.5 Billion stock market bet on something happening in US in four weeks.
Someone or corporation is betting a $ 4.5 billon stock market transaction that something will happen in the USA within four weeks from now that will affect the stock market. Numerous speculative articles on the Internet have been increasing in past weeks indicating that there may be acts of treason planned in the USA agaist the USA in conjuction with the FEMA / National guard Operations Nobel Resolve / Nobel Eagle across the country. First the rumors of an event started in Washington, now the by order of the President the 1st Batallion 265th Air Defense Artillery from Fort Bliss will be heading to Washington D.C. Leading patriotic activist are petitioning congress to stop the madness. Cut and paste the links below into your web browser and see for yourself. Send a letter to your congressmen to have the initiators of the stock transaction made public and expose those who wish to harm others for monitary gain. Informing the Homeland Security or the FBI won't work, because they are part of it - they already know when and what is going to happen and to whom.

To stop this distrubance from happening, please immediately write your congressmen and ask them to identify the source of the transactions. Then start and continue to meditate on peace and quiet / calmness. People meditating, while visualizing peace and calmness, will effectively calm the number of people meditating squared times 100. So one person calms 1^2 x 100 or 100 people. Ten people meditating together calms 10^2 x 100 or 10,000 people. 100 people meditating together calms 100^2 x 100 or 1,000,000 people. Please send messages of peace and calmness throughout the internet several times a day to at least two friends to counter any disturbance that is trying to manifest itself. And ask at least two of your friends to send messages of peace and clamness and start meditating now to two of their friends.

Peace, calmness, love and hope! Send messages of peace, calmness, love, and hope now!


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