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20 Anti-health care protesters on NE Broadway at 6PM

20 Anti-Health care folks on NE Broadway at 6PM. About 7 youth under 18. Huge signs. 8x8foot wide and tall. Pictures of a fetus etc.
NE Broadway and 28th Ave. August 28th, 2007

People assembled with huge signs to protest the services of Planned Parenthood. The protesters all seemed to be getting out of their cars at the same time. About 6:30 They were in a huge rush. More cars kept arriving. I decided to stop my errand and watch. It seemed really fishy. No clinic anywhere close. I reminded them that abortion was legal in the US. I also reminded them that Planned Parenthood provided a lot of medical services like pap smears and screenings. They started to film everything. I would say there were 7 video cameras. My gut feeling was that something bad was going to happen.

Then about 10 minutes later it seemed to max out at 20 people. Somone said they were there to protest a Bar that was hosting a Planned Parenthood fundraiser. I saw several of them who had entered the patio area of the bar where they were talking to seated customers and handing them flyers. The seated customers went indoors. Under Oregon law the bar could ask them to remain on the sidewalk and that entering the bar or patio would be considered tresspassing. 10 minutes later things seemed calm so I left.

Strange. I've seen this type of religious extremism in other cities, but never in Portland.

Keep your mind open and your eyes on the watch.