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Gonzalez gone, but "attack-dog" Clement is now acting head of Justice

Although the memory-challenged sycophant, Alberto is finally Gonzo, his replacement is a much smarter, equally repugnant advocate of the phony "War on Terror"
Clement is a brilliant advocate, *magna cum laude* graduate of Harvard Law School, acted as clerk for Supreme Court Justice Scalia, and then worked for Ken Starr (yes, THAT, Ken Starr!) law firm in D.C. before he became right-hand man for Ted Olson (yes, THAT Ted Olson, who claimed his wife called him from Flight 77 on her cell phone)...

if this description tells you anything, then you can realize what a scumbag he is...

Clement argued many of the Bush-Cheney cases involving "Enemy Combatants" and publicly, Clement has forcefully argued that the president has broad power in wartime to imprison those he deems enemies, indefinitely and without access to legal counsel.

Clement is basically like John Yoo and Alberto Gonzalez with a brain.

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