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Arcane Energy Policies go OpenSource

The Energy Smart Communities Act of 2007
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What is Energize America?

Energize America is a comprehensive and compelling 20-point plan developed by informed citizen activists to wean the U.S. from its fossil fuel addiction and provide the U.S. with Energy Security by 2020, and Energy Freedom by 2040.

2. What are Energize America's goals?

By 2020, Energize America will enable the U.S. to:

* reduce both oil imports and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 50%,
* generate 25% of our electricity from renewable sources, and
* create 2M new energy-related American jobs and save 1M 'at-risk' auto jobs.

What can I do personally?

The most important thing anyone can do is to start thinking, talking and acting seriously about America's energy future. How much damage to the planet are we willing to inflict to extract and burn oil and coal? How vulnerable as a nation should we remain in the face of dwindling oil supplies and rapidly rising global demand? How complacent should we be as a society when our elected officials for decades have failed to put America on a firm path towards Energy Freedom?

The Energy Smart Communities Act of 2007