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Support-Our-Troops Vigil

Candlelight/flashlight vigil to support the troops
A candlelight/flashlight vigil "Lighting Their Way Home" will be staged Tuesday, Aug. 28, from 7-8:30 p.m. on the Hawthorne Bridge. The event is sponsored by MoveOn.org and Peace/Civic Orgaizations.

What end of the bridge? 24.Aug.2007 10:14


I realize it is several days before the event, but you might want to give details, lest you lose people who think it will be a MoveOn.org disorganized event.

Where should people congregate on each side of the bridge?

What kind of signs?

Any bullhorning, or chants?
...that sort of stuff

Have a little independence... 24.Aug.2007 12:49

Working Class Mama

Generally, vigil's are rather quiet with maybe some readings and speeches. Mostly it's people with candles and signs intended to speak for themselves. But I'm not affiliated with this event.
It seems to me that they have given a reasonable amount of info and much more than that would be micromanaging. If you can't figure out where to stand or need to be told what to say on a sign then, friend, you have a lot more pressing matters with your personal self to attend to...

How about "support THEIR troops"? 24.Aug.2007 13:08

left of Pelosi

Move-on and its DLC masters should be resisted. Any support for move-on is support for Hillary. We need a counter-demonstration from the point of view of the vast middle-of-the-spectrum conspiracy.

This is disgusting 24.Aug.2007 15:10

fuck the troops

This event makes me sick to my stomach. I will never support the troops who rape and murder our brothers and sisters. Fuck this!

True..."Support the Troops" is DLC/GOP-speak 25.Aug.2007 16:25


...for a "pro-war, we can win if we don't cut and run," statement. MoveOn.org is a suspect organization, nowadays, so I wonder if people have more information on the origin of this event idea. If the statement is "SUPPORT THE TROOPS, IMPEACH FOR PEACE!"...that would be another thing!

And to "mama" above, get off it! I was asking that question to be helpful to the people not familiar with the Hawthorne Bridge. I was at the Hawthorne Bridge mouth almost every morning for an hour, for 8 months last year, so I don't think your derision is appropriate, or necessary.

Vigils of the sort you describe seem an acceptance of the status quo, and maybe that is what this event is meant to promote...in that case, candles and solemn speeches seem the appropriate way to usher in more death and destruction under the sick Bush/Cheney regime.

Who has the real scoop on this thing? It is not even listed on the MoveOn site?!

I am Sick of all this "Supporting, Death, Killing & War" 27.Aug.2007 13:46

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

Support the Troops ????

How by killing more Iraqies for them?

By clapping when they drop bombs on children playing?
Oh collateral damage they call it .... I call it murder! I call it Terrorism!

Watch this video and then tell me you want to "Support this shit our Troops are doing"

I am sick of all this "support the killers" I mean "support the troops" talk

You are 4 War ------- Or ------ Your Aginst War

There is "No support From Me on this Terror we are waging"

Support them my ass!!!!

Bring em home thats how you support them


against "support the troops" 27.Aug.2007 21:20


The ironic thing about "support the troops--bring them home" is that the slogan "support the troops" undermines the development of mass consciousness against the U.S. military and its wars, thus prolonging the war and the length of time "the troops" will be out killing and getting killed for U.S. monopoly capitalism. The interests of the rank and file soldiers are best served by completely opposing the U.S. military; "support" is a reactionary political abstraction which objectively works against the real class interests of the rank and file soldiers.

working against real claas intrest 28.Aug.2007 10:25

Joe Anybody

thanks X9 ...well stated

all right-wing framing "undermines the development of mass consciousness " 28.Aug.2007 12:42


Just as "support the troops" aids the hegemonists, so does calling this occupation a "war". The Nazis called their invasion and occupation of the "Sudetenland" a "war of liberation". By framing the destruction of Iraq as a war, we invoke the mainstream preoccupation with honorable and justifiable killing in the name of protecting the "homeland" (another way of framing the dishonorable and unjustifiable torture and slaughter).

We must stop using the right-wingers' framing and phrasing if we want to develop mass consciousness of the truth. "Redeploy" should be "bring them HOME"; "withdraw the troops" should be "remove all U.S. forces, including mercenaries".

No more weasel words for guys like Wyden or Blumenauer to hide behind.