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'Noble Resolve' begins

The U.S. military "experiment" known as "Operation Noble Resolve 07-2" begins today in Portland, with command centers in Virginia, Texas, Guam, Korea and two locations in Oregon: Salem and Portland.
Despite the assurances of the US Joint Forces command that the exercise is "purely a computer-based simulation of an earthquake scenario in Portland", many people in the area are extremely concerned.

Some have mentioned the possibility of the simulation "going live", as happened with the Vigilant Guardian exercise on September 11, 2001. But even without it "going live", there is the little fact that the US military is NOT the organization commissioned by Congress to respond to disasters, and by doing so, as they did in New Orleans following Katrina, they violate the long-standing tradition of 'posse comitatus', which forbids the military from engaging in domestic policing activities.

Audio: Interview with Captain May on Atmoic blast scenario for Portland | Previous feature on Noble Resolve

Good Luck 20.Aug.2007 07:02


I hope the alerts and warnings are a sufficient inoculation against this defacto criminal extortion.
I also hope we aren't blind-sided to any other number of horrors the black labs of the Pentagon has provided to the degenerate ruling class.
We have allowed this malignant menace of the secret, security state to acquire these hideous tools because of our acquiescence.
Time to shut them all down.
We don't need them.

i believe... 20.Aug.2007 09:04


the posse comitatus law was revoked recently

Ich bin ein Portlander! 20.Aug.2007 10:24

Trin trin@resist.ca

I hope everyone is ok over there. Be at the ready, don't take any more shit from the Man. Be local and stay in touch with each other as best you can. Arawak City is behind you one-hundred percent, we love you all! Let us know what's up, for real.

Con amor para la lucha,


Arawak City, Ohio

Jenka soderberg interviews Noble Resolve's Lt. Col. Smith 20.Aug.2007 10:38


Click (or paste) to listen:


This is an awesome interview by Jenka of KBOO in which she corners Smith into dodging the fact that the Exercise contemplates the complete overrun (as in Katrina) of Portland law enforcement and relief in the event of a disaster.

Complete Annihilation!!!!!!!!!! 20.Aug.2007 15:04

Doom Monger

Too bad this is only a computer simulation and not a REAL disaster.

Id personally like to see what would happen if all the bridges cracked and fell into the river, if the Vista Ridge Tunnel became imploded, if the Willamette flooded sewage over the sea wall into downtown, if the financial district towers came crumbling down and if the airport got swallowed up into the earth.

This whole city would grind to a halt. Hell, Portland cant even deal with a good ol ice storm, much less a serious disaster.

Id love to kick back, drink a few beers and watch this city, of "civilized" humans go scurrying around like a bunch of fucking ants ready to get stomped out by a good ol mother nature disaster.

Too bad this drill isnt real, too bad indeed.

Next? 20.Aug.2007 17:55


Operation Noble Resolve may or may not be merely a simulation exercise. I have heard one National Guard member say they were participating.

The nuke map of Portland indicates an agenda to nuke the town. Someone must have been thought of nuking the town. Publicity at this point may be successful in preventing a 911 2B. We hope. It should really piss off Portlanders to realize there was a plot (or agenda) to nuke us.  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/08/363356.shtml
Cheneyites planned to blow us up!

Next comes Operation TOPOFF in October. Let's give the troops on our streets a Little Beruit welcome!

thank you uknow 21.Aug.2007 00:27

Ecotopian Yeti

It has been driving me crazy to find the other name of the other operation (TopOff) for weeks now. I knew it but forgot its name.

Things are heating up 22.Aug.2007 12:44


FBI in Seattle are looking for 2 suspicious acting middle eastern men who rode the ferry there. That is why VIPER is in effect at the airport and police are patrolling MAX stations. Shades of 9/11.

Is it too late? 22.Aug.2007 19:13

Michael Baker mbbeavis1@yahoo.com

By the time the whole situation has come and gone, who the hell knows what they have done to us behind the scenes.
Are we just the next set of lab mice for the powers that be to experiment on? To bad the people of Portland have decided to let this fiasco take place. Yes my friends, something is up and do not be surprised if in the next couple of weeks, the real plans are exposed to the unsuspecting masses.