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In the Next Week, Portlanders, Archive "Suspicious Gov't Activity" here, re Noble Resolve

Can't hurt. Can only help. Be our eyes and ears. Look. Listen. Photograph. Video record. Track locations of perps.

[1] "Swan Island CEO is er, 'gone on vacation this week, sorry, can't be reached..." and the claim that "no, Swan Island is no longer involved in Noble Resolve, leave us alone' buwaaa haaa ha ha, I'm so sure. They did such a "good and NOBLE job" at New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina, I'm sure they are in top demand;
[2] Unknown Naval Vessel moves into Portland harbor;
[3] Maersk, the cargo container company cooperating with Operation Noble Resolve has recently closed its Portland office. Perhaps they were afraid of Noble Resolve going live? ...
[4] the uncanny expense to make a "virtual Portland" software in 2006, by RAINS, hey, same as "virtual Manhattan" software invented and funded before 9-11, and then UTILIZED during state terror ON September 11, 2001.
[5] "Swan Island" is on the Harvard terror drill map?
[6] and more from you.
Harvard terror drill nuke study for Portland, only U.S. city w/ hit analysis
Harvard terror drill nuke study for Portland, only U.S. city w/ hit analysis


Some interesting things on the wire:

Suddenly a "MR_DNA" says that Swan Island is pretending like it wasn't announced that it was working on the terror drill?

"According to Sherry Lamoreaux, Marketing Communications Manager of Swan Island Networks:

1. Swan Island wanted to be a part of the Noble Resolve exercise but is not now participating and has no information regarding it.

2. RAINS is no longer an active organization. In her words, it has been "dormant" since around June of this year.

3. Swan Island Networks CEO and RAINS founder, Charles Jennings, will be on vacation beginning at the end of this week or next week.

Everybody's "on vacation" during this terror drill, eh? Everything above sounds like a well sculpted lie just to keep people asking anyone in charge about it and postpone all questions until it's over.




Maersk Line has closed its Portland Office 09.Aug.2007 20:13
truther link

Maersk, the cargo container company cooperating with Operation Noble Resolve has recently closed its Portland office. Perhaps they were afraid of Noble Resolve going live?



Portland just happens to be the main city of the "virtual world software" used by the fascists to figure out and model how to make a better police state.

That's 'funny,' since they did the same thing in Manhattan during 9-11.

Excellent research on RAINS 16.Aug.2007 17:42

This post caught my Eye, I follow drills as a PMC/Terror Drill researcher:

On 9/11, they used Future Combat Systems (FCS), to create a virtual Manhattan and insert the "drilled" imagery into the "live" TV news. This situation in Portland seems ominous. Why not kill off the most politically aware
and resistant group in the US 1st?

greg nixon


Portland Seeks Designation as First 'Synthetic City'

Portland, OR - August 18, 2006 -

"On Friday, August 18, a group of federal, state and local officials, academics, and private sector leaders will convene on the campus of Portland State University to talk about a potential transfer of power. Under discussion is the notion that technology used to fight the war on terror abroad could soon be applied to homeland security needs... and that Portland, Oregon could be an early test-bed for such transfers.

According to the Regional Alliances for Infrastructure and Network Security (RAINS), a central player in the development of homeland defense technology solutions, the primary military technology under consideration for transfer is "synthetic city" software—a digital information platform that fuses data from a variety of real-world sources, such as 9-1-1 centers, atmospheric sensors, smart buildings, health networks, and intelligent transportation systems—then organizes and displays it all in a 3-D geographical modeling and simulation environment.

"Our military friends are going to be demonstrating some very cutting edge technology—sort of the ultimate Sim City," explained RAINS' chairman Charles Jennings, "They'll be displaying virtual version of the real Portland, with real-time data inside." Jennings is the CEO of Portland-based Swan Island Networks.

The "Synthetic Portland" conference brings together participants from around the country, representing all levels of government, large federal contractors and system integrators; information technology vendor companies; universities; hospitals; and various types of non-governmental service organizations. "



Swan Island on the Map! 16.Aug.2007 17:50
ground zero link

The geographic Swan Island is almost ground zero on the nuclear blast plume map of Portland. The map is on page 9 of the Harvard study: The Day After Project. Google it) Swan Island Networks also placed emergency management software in S. Louisiana a year before Katrina.  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/08/363223.shtml


Unknown Naval Vessel moves into Portland

newswire article reporting portland metro 16.Aug.2007 09:41
actions & protests | imperialism & war
Regarding Noble Resolve
author: fellow worker

8/10/07 naval vessel spotted at Port of Portland docks-maybe part of Noble Resolve nuke exercise?

While I was at lunch break on 8/10, I was sitting outside the Gunderson lunch room on the south bank of the Willamette, across from a Port of Portland facility. I saw an unidentifiable navel vessel, smallish, uniform battleship grey, apart from the blue and yellow bands encircling the stack. I was only able to make out numbers on the bow, either 23 or 28. No other markings, flags or symbols were visible, and I only wish I had my binoculars with me. Based on the projected blast pattern from "The Day After" Report as seen on www.lonestaricon.com, I am thinking this may be part of the exercise to come


BE AWARE that a 'dirty bomb' will not kill you and will not lead to permanent radioactive damage. Look it up. It's all a media scare tactic. Beware any scares or the corporate media running you into a scare.

Swan Island's Swan Song? 22.Aug.2007 16:21


The Opera ain't over... until somebody straps an ankle security monitor onto Swan Island Networks' Advisor, David Hume Kennerly. Perhaps it's easier to be a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer if you know exactly where the "history" will be taking place...

First, his bio as it appears on Swan Island Networks' web site:

David Hume Kennerly

David Hume Kennerly is the chief communications advisor to Swan Island Networks. With 40 years of insider access to the top political, business and cultural decision-makers, Kennerly has positioned Swan Island for attention as a key player in the trusted communications sector with business, government and military leaders.

Kennerly is a Pulitzer Prize winner who also served in the White House under President Gerald R. Ford. He is the author of four books (including an upcoming book on President Ford, coauthored with Tom Brokaw), and a frequent contributor to publications ranging from the New York Times to Vanity Fair. Kennerly has been a Contributing Editor of Newsweek, George and NBC News. He has been a consultant to Swan Island since the company's founding.

Next, as it recently appeared on the University of Texas, Austin web site (from Google cache, his bio was recently DELETED)

David Hume Kennerly
Headshot of David Hume KennerlyDavid Hume Kennerly captures a helicopter on a hot landing zone near Khe San, Vietnam. Matt Franjola, 1971

"Being a good photographer is one element in producing good photographs. You have to be a super salesman, be discreet and be a logistician. And most photographers have a bit of swagger in their step. To make it work, you have to be a complete person."

- David Hume Kennerly

David Hume Kennerly's career began at the tender age of fifteen in Roseburg, Oregon, when he published his first picture in the high school paper in 1962. His first professional jobs--as a staff photographer for the Oregon Journal and the Portland Oregonian--led him to a position with UPI, which then sent him to cover the escalating war in Southeast Asia. The photos Kennerly took in Vietnam won the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography in 1972. He then returned stateside in 1973 to cover the political drama playing out in Washington for Time magazine. Following Nixon's resignation, Kennerly was named Chief White House Photographer during the Ford administration.

In addition to his work for Time, Kennerly has been a contributing editor to Newsweek magazine, and he's produced major projects for Life, Good Morning America Sunday and George magazine. He's also authored several books--including Photo du Jour: A Picture-a-Day Journey through the First Year of the New Millennium, published in the Center for American History's "Focus on American History" series by UT Press.

For access to additional photographs by David Hume Kennerly, as well as to purchase prints of his work, contact Alison Beck at the Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

And it just keeps getting more interesting. Swan Island Networks in Portland develops security software for use in disaster planning, like Hurricane Katrina. You all remember how well THAT went. Swan Island shipyard was the construction site for the "Liberty Ships" used in WWII. And what went into Liberty Ships by the ton, besides steel? ASBESTOS!!! Those now afflicted with Mesothelioma from asbestos exposure at Swan Island might want to click HERE.

From Swan Island Networks web site:
"Our History

Our company is named "Swan Island Networks" in honor of Oregon's Swan Island shipyards, where the first Liberty ship built on the west coast—the Star of Oregon—was launched on September 27, 1941.

The story of the Liberty ships—the nearly 3,000 ships built during World War II to carry supplies to the Allies—is the story of how America's private industrial sector and its home-grown workforce exemplified a "can-do" spirit, working with the government and military to meet the deadly challenge aimed at the world... and prevailing.

Read more here."

Thank you so much for the update on your day of fun and games at Noble Resolve, CPO Hoffpauir. And with the really neat software supplied by Swan Island Networks, Those In Control can manufacture/change/obliterate reality right before the participants' eyes...