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Clamoring for Impeachment: A Report on the Wyden Town Hall on Iraq

A brief report from an interesting meeting.
I just came back from Senator Wyden's conversation on Iraq. While some of what transpired was to be expected, namely Wyden's evasive and condescending tone, much of the meeting was surprising.

I was surprised at the attendance. Several hundred people showed up in the middle of the day, to listen to the guy, and/or give him a piece of their mind.

I was also surprised at the overwhelming support in the room for impeachment. While there is little debate about the administration's offenses, there does some to be some disagreement about the strategy of impeachment. Some (including Wyden) argue that it will be a pointless distraction, others say that it will undermine the strategy of sticking the Republicans with a failed policy and helping the Democrats win more electoral victories. But in this room, most people seemed to fervently support impeachment. It's where the crowd got loudest, and rudest, and nearly everyone seemd to applaud the idea when it was first brought up by a participant. It came up several times, as did questions about the legality of the war. At one point, Wyden said that as a Senator he would be asked to be an objective juror in the proceedings, but then argued against initiating such a process. That does not seem like something a juror should be doing.

The other thing I was surprised at was the marginalization of the 911 truthers. Towards the end of the discussion, someone asked Wyden to investigate "the elephant in the room": the government conspiracy of 911. While several people shouted their agreement, most of the room remained silent. From the amount of posts and other traffic the issue receives, I thought more people would be supportive of the 911 truth movement. But when the question came up, and a few people in the back of the room began shouting, the crowd did not rise up in agreement. In fact, most people around me looked uncomfortable, and I saw a few people shaking their heads or rolling their eyes in disgust. It was hard to tell if people disagreed with the line of the questioning, or the belligerent style in which it was delivered.

What did other people think of the meeting?

Wyden is worthless...the ultimate wimp!! 14.Aug.2007 19:42


I am pretty amazed you were surprised at everything you saw...not!

People are as whipped as Wyden if they don't think the events of 911 are being completely covered up. BushCo tries to cover up all its other crimes...why would 911 be any different, and you should realize that is THE MOST IMPORTANT cover-up of all.

Without it, there is not an iota of justification for the shit we have lived through for the past 6.5 years!! The WAR ON TERROR IS A LOAD OF SHIT!!

Stand up and act like adults...take some responsibility...GET GODDAM ACTIVIST!!

Check this out, and realize the perilous position that the collective lethargic apathy of the residents of Portland has brought the city to the point where we are going to be a Homeland Security experiment next week, with the Terror Drill Noble Resolve ( http://www.oregontruthalliance.org/).