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LOLA in the Clouds

Surveillance grid continues to grow and expand
And the Surveillance Grid continues to Expand and Grow:

from www.astrium.eads.net

LOLA, (Liason Optique Laser Aeroportee), from the French Defence Agency, for validating optical links for UAV applications.

More about LOLA:

 link to www.astrium.eads.net

LOLA provides data links for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, in operation beginning the Summer of 2006, providing secure information transfer from the UAV to the data processing center.

Full Article:

 link to www.astrium.eads.net

Selected portions of above link:

"LOLA was made technically possible by Astrium, designing and building an optical terminal which serves as a precursor to the future drone system."

"The benefits of optical laser links for military applications are numerous - they are discrete, resistant to counter-measures, extremely difficult to intercept, compatible with RF eavesdropping and operate at high data-rate (100 Mbits/s to 1 Gigabit/s). Moreover, laser optical links are beneficial for civil or military applications due to the fact that there is no need for frequency coordination, overloading does not occur and they are low power. This is all due to use of the laser and the ability to simultaneously transmit information to multiple locations via the Ka-band space-ground link."

They are watching . . and getting better and faster at it.